Dry Skin Blues in Sunny California!

flickr source: passiveincomedream

Southern California, the land of sunshine has been experiencing what the news has referred to as a “cold snap” or “bone-chilling” temperatures with lows reaching to 30 degrees.  Even the central coast of California reached daytime temperatures almost 20 degrees below Boston’s!  Being a native of L.A., I’ve been spoiled my whole life with great, sunny weather. My skin has managed to survive sunburns and acne. What I can’t get away from is the dry skin around my eyes and irritation I’ve been experiencing these last few days that’s making my skin feel a little like sandpaper.

The skin around the eyes is actually much thinner and can become easily aggravated by environmental exposure especially in cold, dry conditions, which can zap moisture right out of the skin. The skin in this area also has fewer oil glands, so it lacks natural moisture that other parts of the body produce more of.  Hot showers and baths feel amazing after a cold day but can actually dry your skin even more so it’s best to use lukewarm water. So what to do to bring relief to parched skin? A great eye moisturizer full of antioxidants nourishes and also blocks free-radicals from causing damage to skin cells. Although it may not be sunny during cold weather, you are still being exposed to UV sun light so it’s also great to apply a formula with SPF protection too. Sodium hyaluronate is your dry skin savior. Not only does it have a plumping effect that fills in fine lines and crow’s feet, it is a very effective humectant that helps bind water to the skin to bring comfort and smooth out the skin. So as the weather slowly begins to pick up with highs into the 70’s by this weekend, my skin will surely be grateful it survived!



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