Dry Hair Treatment: Hair Therapy Wrap for Healthy Shiny Hair

By Liz W

Deep Conditioner

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If you are plagued with dry, brittle hair, you might be slacking on the deep conditioning. One of the best dry hair treatments to regain the shiny, healthy hair you once had is to deep condition with a heated head wrap. Even if you use a weekly conditioning hair mask in the shower, you could still benefit greatly from a deeply penetrating conditioning treatment.

It’s no secret that heat causes the hair cuticle to open and further draw in the healing and restoring ingredients in conditioners and hair masks. This is why women spend long hours and lots of hard earned dollars perched under bonnet dryers at the salon when they have a special hair treatment. Professionals know that the elevated temperature will allow the treatment to work much more deeply, leading to amazing results.

Luckily, for those of us who don’t have countless hours (not to mention endless funds) to spend at the beauty parlor, Michelle Reuven, a long time perm and damaging hair product addict, found the answer. She invented the Hair Therapy Wrap after stumbling upon heated gel packs meant for relief from aching muscles.  A light bulb went on when she realized she could wrap them in a towel and have 30 minutes worth of cordless, comfortable, and even heat on her head, forever freeing her from the bonnet dryer. Her little at-home craft project provided such amazing results that she decided to go into business and make them for all women who were on a time and money budget, but still desired strong, healthy shiny hair.

Another great thing about the Hair Therapy Wrap is that you can use it with any hair conditioner, hair mask, or hair oil. Simply apply your favorite dry hair treatment to your hair before putting on this unique heated hair wrap. We love this Steam Creams & Oils Hair Oil. It’s super natural and smells amazing, giving a bit of an aromatherapy treatment while hydrating your hair.

The Hair Therapy Wrap is really easy to use since the whole thing can be popped in the microwave or the gel packs can be heated with hot water. The few minutes of prep time will provide your thirsty hair with 30 minutes of warmth, so it can really drink in what it needs to get as lustrous and beautiful as ever.


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5 Responses to “Dry Hair Treatment: Hair Therapy Wrap for Healthy Shiny Hair”

  1. Alisa Lynn Mason says:

    Got it. Love it! Thanks:-)

  2. Rachel says:

    Yes deep conditioning is best. I also love sleeping on silk it really helps.

  3. christine morris says:

    This hair treatment sounds amazing, thank You for the Article. :)

  4. Mirror Mirror spa salon Chicago, IL says:

    The best in deep conditioning is Brazilian keratin treatment which has truly changed my life. It cuts down my blow dry time to ten minutes from originally 30 . It gives it great shine and keeps it from breaking .

  5. Anna says:

    Use proper hair drying techniques to avoid damaging your hair. Towel dry before using a blow dryer to minimize the amount of time you use the machine. Don’t allow the hair dryer to sit in one spot for longer than a few seconds. Use the dryer on one of the lowest settings.

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