Dr. Magovern’s Teen Skin Care Guide

It’s never too early to learn about maintaining healthy skin and tackling tough skin care issues. It is important for teens to get in the habit of a good skin care routine to avoid problems, such as acne and dark sun spots. However, teenage skin problems are much different than those of their parents, making their needs, regimens, and products much different as well. Dr. Magovern, DermStore.com’s Medical Director, reveals the best tips and products for tweens and teens wanting to maintain their youthful glow.

Tip 1.  “Wash with a gentle cleanser that has exfoliating properties, such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid- this keeps the pores clean and stimulates fresh cells,” explains Dr. Magovern.“Salicylic acid is also great for tweens or teens with acne prone or oily skin. DDF has great salicylic acid and glycolic washes.”

Tip 2. “Moisturize! But not with your mom’s moisturizer. Find anoncomedogenic (non acne-causing) moisturizer with sunblock, at least SPF 30,” Dr. Magovern instructs.“Sun protection is the most important thing you can do- even though it isn’t something tweens and teens think about, daily sunscreen use will take years off as they get older and help prevent premature aging.  Contrary to popular belief, the sun actually makes acne worse, too.  And remember, absolutely no tanning beds!”

Tip 3. “Make sure to remove makeup every evening.  Sometimes, taking off makeup seems like such a chore at the end of a long day, however it is a must! Remember to do it every night, just like brushing your teeth,” says Dr. Magovern.

Tip 4. “Use a mask once a week,” suggests Dr. Magovern. “They are really great for teens and tweens because they allow a more concentrated infusion of active ingredients, like anti-inflammatory and exfoliating agents, which not only gives your skin a nice glow, but can help other products work more effectively.  For acne and oily skin, it’s not a solution, but it can temporarily improve an oily complexion.”

Tip 5. “A good diet is reflected by great skin. Tweens and teens should try and eat as many fruits and vegetables as they can and to try and stay away from refined sugar,” warns Dr. Magovern.

Dr. Magovern’s Favorite Products for Tween Skin Care-

  • Neostrata Acne Treatment Solution Pads with 2% Salicylic Acid- This is great for helping and preventing acne. Plus, teens love the convenience of using skin care pads.  $16.50 on DermStore.com
  • Peter Thomas Roth Oily Problem Skin Instant Mineral SPF 30- The PTR Brush is an easy to use lightweight SPF that provides long lasting sun protection and helps treat acne. Plus, it is fun to apply, tweens and teens feel like they are putting on makeup-not sunscreen! $30.00 on DermStore.com
  • SkinCeuticals Acne Care System- This system is on the more expensive side but it is a wonderful complete system for acne-prone skin and one of the only systems that contains retinol. $116.00 on DermStore.com
  • Jan Marini Teen Clean- this is a benzoyl peroxide based system that is specifically designed for teens. $62.00 on DermStore.com
  • Glytone Acne Facial Mask- The Glytone products are all really good for acne prone skin, but this mask in particular is wonderful for cleansing pores, decreasing redness, and absorbing excess oil. $22.00 DermStore.com
  • CeraVe Lotion- Not only a moisturizer, but a skin repair cream as well. Dr. Magovern recommends this to all patients with acne, eczema, dry skin and rashes.  Parents also love the price! $13.99 on DermStore.com



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