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By Liz W
If you are anything like me, you must be amazed by the huge amount of skin care products available today. It seems that no matter how many products we have, there is always something different being done within skin care and cosmetics. There was a time when a Day Spa was a heavenly place that women went to enjoy being slathered in mystery creams that cleansed, tightened and perfected their skin; but today those same spas are bottling up their best products to allow anyone the luxury of using spa brands at home.

Bliss Spa

Bliss Spa

Spas across the world are following this trend, developing lines as unique as their locations. One of the most famous spas that has achieved remarkable success in marketing their own products is Bliss Spa.

Bliss originated in New York City, and revolutionized the day spa industry with their relaxed, and quirky atmosphere. A truly unique place, Bliss’s bright blue walls and humorous vibe still attracted Park Avenue Socialites, but also catered to the young hip 20 somethings who were looking for an alternative to stuffy day spas.

Since its humble beginnings in the mid 90s, Bliss has transformed into an international corporation whose products are sold worldwide. Keeping up with the latest technology, they utilize a mixture of botanical ingredients and science when developing new products, so although the playful vibe is carried throughout their products, they don’t lack potency or effectiveness. Products like “Fat Girl Slim” (cellulite cream) and “The Youth as We Know It” (Anti-Wrinkle serum)  might make you giggle, but they are still high quality, and well respected within the skin care industry.

On the Completely opposite end of the spectrum (and globe) is the Parisian spa brand Decléor. Decléor’s mission to create potent products with essential oils has been the key to their 35 year success.

Decleor Spa

Decleor Spa

Their deluxe line of products is used in spas worldwide, and the Parisian sophistication puts Decléor in a class of its own.  All of their products have an old world feel to them, housed in pretty glass bottles, and diamond topped jars. Even with the advances in their product formulation throughout the last three decades, their core values and the importance of nature, have stayed the main focus in all their formulas. (See Canyon Ranch Spa video here)This trend of unearthing new uses for ingredients found in nature is not just happening in Paris, but in the skin care industry as a whole.

Traveling back to the United States, Canyon Ranch is one of the most well respected Health and Wellness Destination Spas in the world. Founded in Tucson, AZ in the 1979, it was the result of the owner’s own life changing experience in a “Fat Farm” (his words), where he not only transformed his body, but embraced a whole new lifestyle, focusing on both physical and mental wellbeing.

Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch

His desire to spread the word about his new way of life lead him and his wife to build the spa, hoping that others would experience the same transformation they had. Since then, the husband and wife duo have expanded their business to include not only other destination spas, but entire healthy living communities, and most recently, a new product line, Canyon Ranch Your Transformation, which reflects their dedication to living a wholesome, well rounded life.

Their extensively tested and researched lotions and tonics (see a video about Decleor products here)  use the power of nature and science to bring health and wellness to your skin. Free of fragrances, dyes, and petroleum derivatives, they stay true to their promise of being a healthy brand for both their users and the planet.

With the development of “take home” spa brands, even people with no extra time have the opportunity to experience the sophisticated skin care, once reserved for Day Spa goers, right in front of their own bathroom mirror.


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