Deep Conditioners: Beauty Tips and tricks to keeping your locks hydrated

By Jenna

Let’s face it we all need some beauty tips to regenerate our hair. Whether you were blessed with resilient hair that doesn’t have a single split end or sign of damage, or have locks that snap at the mere thought of a hot curling iron or touching up those highlights; chances are, your hair could use a little TLC even if you can’t see it.  Many people shampoo and condition their hair regularly, but rarely take the time to rejuvenate their hair as they do their skin. With curling irons and flat irons reaching record temperatures, and white being the new blond, people are finding themselves with dry brittle hair that breaks and splits like straw. Luckily there are some amazing treatment options that can be done at home, whether you need heavy duty repairing, or just a little extra shine. There are three common types of deep conditioners that range in price, convenience, and results. For an inexpensive and natural treatment, one can concoct their own home-made conditioner, or for a quick luster boost while in the shower there are rinse out conditioners, and finally, for those really thirsty strands, there are deluxe overnight repair masks.

With all the talk of botanical ingredients in the beauty industry, it only makes sense to use these vitamin rich, and natural ingredients to make your own delicious deep conditioner that won’t break the bank like a trip to a pricey salon. A simple but effective recipe for extremely dry, over processed hair combines an avocado, banana, a few tablespoons of Extra Virgin olive oil, about 1/3 cup of honey, and a squirt of jojoba oil. Simply mix all the ingredients together and apply to dry hair. Cover the head with a shower cap to hold in the heat and let the organic treatment work its magic. It can be left in for as long as necessary, but at least for 20 minutes, to make sure it penetrates the hair deeply enough. After shampooing out the mixture, you will be left with shinier, softer, and more manageable hair.

Flickr user: Anna Gay

Flickr user: Anna Gay

If playing chemist is too messy or time consuming for you, there are always deep conditioners that can be used in the shower. Jonathan Product has an awesome treatment for aging hair, called the Anti-Aging Restorative Conditioner.  Along with plant based ingredients like Basil Essential Water and Chardonnay and Moringa seed extracts, this conditioner works by restoring the protein that is lost during coloring and heat styling hair. Protein treatments actually repair the protein bonds and help reconstruct the hair shaft, producing less split ends and breakage. It is possible to have too much of a good thing, so it is important not to overuse these sorts of treatments. They are recommended for weekly use, and should not replace a daily conditioner.

The next product is an unbelievable mask that will turn even the most haystack-like mop into silky soft locks that would make Repunzel green with envy. Kronos Phyx is an overnight repair mask that uses T-Sphere technology to penetrate deep within the hair shaft to repair hair, restoring it back to its shiny, soft, and easy to manage self. When applying the thick cream it is absorbed into the hair instantly, leaving no sticky or gooey mess. This makes sleeping soundly much easier than with other conditioners that must be wrapped up in a towel all night to protect your sheets. Kronos Phyx is shampooed out in the morning and the difference in the look and feel of your hair will far surpass any expectations previously held. It truly keeps its word and gives life back to damaged hair.



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