Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara

Mascara is serious business.  There are days when I don’t feel like putting on a full face of makeup, but I can’t leave the house without a little bit of bronzer and A LOT of Mascara. Because I take mascara so seriously, I’ve tried a lot of different brands. And I have to admit, I’ve become quite picky.


I want mascara that separates my lashes but doesn’t clump. You always want your lashes to look luscious and full. And you need the right mascara to do it. That’s when I found Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara.


Divino Lash Mascara has plenty of pigment! Even with two coats I get so much volume. It lasts all day and it doesn’t clump. Divino Lash is paraben-free and smudge proof. It separates your lashes making them appear longer. Formulated with cutting edge technology Divino Lash Mascara uses its formula to wrap, thicken and condition your lashes all day, giving them a fuller effect.


I also love pretty glittery things. Have you seen the crystal-studded cap?! It is gorgeous! I really don’t feel this picture does this sparkling container any justice. But trust me, it its super cute and you can take it with you on the run. This rich black formula is easy to remove with eye makeup remover, also a huge plus. The best way to apply it is to wipe off any access product on the sides of the mascara wand before you apply. Start at the base of the lashes and wiggle mascara up and out. For added fullness apply a second coat.


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