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My Personal Skin Saver

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

This month has been a killer for me. I am sure my friends, family and coworkers are pretty sick of hearing my complaints about my travel schedule, especially since the majority of the month has been fun (REALLY FUN) trips that I scheduled myself- an impromptu marathon with one of my favorite friends, Grandma’s surprise 80th birthday on the East Coast, girl’s trip to Las Vegas, a bachelorette party in Palm Springs, plus a little work trip to NY. All super fun but the back to back trips are starting to take its toll on my sanity and my skin. I am a stick-to-my-routine and eight-hours-of-sleep-per-night kind of girl, so multiple red-eyes, smokey casinos and late nights dancing (with Grandma, not in Vegas) can really throw me off. I generally have pretty resilient skin but I noticed after my most recent jaunt that my skin was looking really dull, I developed circles under my eyes and I was starting to breakout. Who would have guessed that traveling and not sleeping could do so much skin damage so quickly! I asked my go-to skin gurus, AKA my coworkers, what I should do rectify my skin care issues and everyone recommended trying out a serum.

Initially, I was a little skeptical because some serums I have tested leave my skin oily and greasy; however, after reading reviews on, I decided to test out DDF’s Amplifying Elixir. The name alone was enough to sway me- an amplifying elixir was exactly what my poor skin needed.  The first time I put it on, it felt like my skin literally drank it up. I am sure it had something to do with my skin’s level of dehydration but it absorbed so quickly and felt amazing! The DDF skin care product is full of botanical extracts- think lotus flower, banyan leaf, cactus and red clover- that work together to detoxify and hydrate the skin. After just a few uses, I noticed my skin had regained an even skin tone, my breakouts were vanishing and my complexion looked brighter! Additionally, a little bit goes a VERY long way. I don’t think I have even put a dent in the bottle after several uses! This 1.7 oz bottle of skin-saving goodness will be tucked safely in my carry-on this weekend…and the week following… and then the next weekend. Welp, I might not be well rested, but at least my skin will not be what gives it away!


Bring Lackluster Skin Back To Life With Bliss Triple Oxygen+C Energizing Cream

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013




My new go-to skin hydrator is bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream. This lightweight, gel-like formula helps revive dull, stressed or fatigued skin after a long day at the office. It works to improve skin hydration, clarity and enhance your skin’s natural radiance. Use it every morning before applying your makeup foundation to achieve a fresh, dewy glow.


Of all the options in the world of skin care, here are a few reasons why bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream is a spectacular product that combats lackluster skin:


  • Vitamin C boosts collagen production to maintain a youthful complexion


  • O2 (Oxygen) reenergizes skin cells to improve the skin’s vitality


  • Sodium PCA binds water to the skin to replenish moisture loss and plump fine lines for a smooth appearance


  • Grape seed extract maintains skin’s elasticity and protects against sun damage


Within three uses, my skin felt noticeably softer. It also brought relief to those dry patches of skin I get on my chin. Now I’m hooked! It really helps “wake up” my skin, even when it’s too early to be up at the crack of dawn and does a fantastic job of really replenishing moisture without feeling heavy, sticky, or leaving a greasy finish. I can’t say enough about this cream. Best of all, it doesn’t clog my pores and a little goes a long way!

Revitalizing My Mane with Moses

Friday, May 10th, 2013

There aren’t many skin care products I can try without causing some sort of flare up on my sensitive skin, so I have to rely on testing all sorts of new hair care products to get my beauty fix! (Pun intended!) I used to highlight my hair every other month or so, until one day when my stylist went on maternity leave and I was referred to someone new in the interim. To put it nicely, this salon newbie gave me a terrible, brassy, hair highlight disaster which forced me to give up on bleach all together. I stupidly stormed to the drugstore, purchased a box of black hair dye, and quickly turned my brown mane with brassy streaks into a blackish purple mop of darkness.

Even though my family hated the dark, drastic color – my hair has never felt as soft and strong as it did when it was black since I wasn’t constantly terrorizing it with harsh bleach! The black color lasted forever, but unfortunately I got sick of it after a few short seasons. Take it from me: there is no easy way to remove permanent black dye except to let it grow out naturally.

I started highlighting my hair again after a year or so to add some dimension and depth to my hair styles. Currently, my hair is in a good state of color that I am happy with – natural brown on top with an ombre style lightening up the bottom. The bad part about this ‘do is the constant detrimental process I keep putting my ends through again with the added bleach! The ends are the most damaged part of my hair already, and now I’m afraid I’m just willingly adding to the issue.

I am happy to report that my issue of damaged ends has subsided thanks to Moses’ line of salon quality hair care! I started using the BeautyFix samples of Moses Smoothing Elixir Shampoo and Hair Mask to try and get the shine and healthy feeling I once had with my black locks back to my new ombre. The shampoo surprised me when I read that Argan oil was one of the main ingredients because it didn’t weigh my hair down like normal products infused with oil. It really locked in the moisture my hair had been deprived of for so long!

Next step was the Moses Hair Mask. I was a little wary to try the mask because I anticipated it to leave my hair heavy and greasy like other ones I have used. Even though I have a lot of long hair, each strand is very thin which doesn’t allow the product to completely absorb. Usually I am left with a waxy feeling following a hair mask; however this product actually did the complete opposite! It relieved my hair of any added weight, maintained a very sheen look, and brought softness to my ends that have been missing for all my days of treacherous bleaching.

I am definitely going to add Moses’ Smoothing Elixir Conditioner into my new routine, as I am sure my already positive results with the shampoo and mask will just keep skyrocketing! Thanks, Moses!

The Hair Diaries: How to Restore Your Crowning Glory

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

One day not that long ago I was having a really bad hair day, I know we all have them when no amount of brushing, combing, curling or styling will get our locks to look good. In this particular instance I would have settled for just better than bad, however it was not meant to be and I ended up putting my hair in a ponytail which affected my entire day, as I was really not in a ponytail mood.

The next day with my hair freshly washed and conditioned I was ready for a new outlook on life and what do you think happened ANOTHER bad hair day! Now I am starting to question the root (pardon the pun) of these increasingly often issues with my hair, is it too much  styling product , too much heat from my blow-dryer or any of the other tools I use or could it be blamed on climate change?

The only way I was going to find out was to start a journal and write down everything I use, how my hair looks and feels and get to the bottom of this problem. I always thought I was good about taking care of my hair. I use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for my hair type , I mask my hair weekly if needed and go to my hair salon on a regular basis ( very regular , as in every 5 weeks) to get my highlights done and split ends removed. The next time I was at my salon I told my colorist about my issues and she told me it could be MY AGE!

As I thought about what my colorist told me, and yes I am still going to her, I realized she was probably right. I am over a certain age and the problems I am having can be related to age but the good news is these problems can also be fixed. Looking after “Older Hair” is much easier now as anti-aging products are made for hair as well as skin and dedicated to restoring your crowning glory to its youthful best.

How does hair change as you get older and what do you need to look for? Well genetics does play a role in how your hair changes and at what rate and what age, but typically hair becomes slightly thinner and finer in texture, hair also loses water as we age so our hair will begin to look a little duller or dehydrated.

I researched the products, read as many reviews as I could get my hands on and spoke to my co-workers who know a thing or two in the beauty biz. The products I have been using now for a little over 2 months have made a huge difference in my hair and my self-esteem.

Phytophanere Dietary Supplement-These supplements infused with vitamin B, C & E are used for hair, nails and skin and they WORK! They not only have boosted the shine factor in my hair but my hair has grown over ½ inch in the short time I have been taking them . I am not really one to take vitamins on a regular basis even though I know I should but these supplements are fantastic!

Phytolisse Perfect Smoothing Shampoo-This shampoo is very hydrating to my hair and works really well with heat styling products, even helps speed up the straightening process and my hair feels really silky afterwards.

Phytomist Instant Hydrating Conditioner-I love this product because it boosts radiance, protects color and instantly detangles the hair with its lightweight, mist-on formula.

Phytovolume Actif Volumizer Spray-This root lifting spray is formulated with keratin amino acids which help add volume at the roots but does not dry your hair out. It is perfect to add volume to thinning or fine hair and yet still looks natural when you are done.

Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm-I use this product last to smooth down any flyaway strands as it moisturizes, softens and protects your hair while keeping away any frizz that may want to pop up unexpected.

Phyto is a haircare brand that has been around for 50 years and is made with all natural botanical ingredients, this brand was green before green was a trend. When I was researching brands to fit my specific needs I was amazed at how many celebrities are followers of Phyto from Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Heather Locklear, Sandra Bullock, Salma Hayek and even Leonardo DiCaprio, the list goes on and on. I am a big fan of this brand and as I continue to use Phyto no one will ever know my hair is aging.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

With the launch of our awesome new BeautyTV, I have been spending a lot more time in front of the camera- which I actually really enjoy! It is so fun to work with the video production team and learn about new beauty products before they come out, plus my grandmother loves watching my videos (she might be the only one…). The only downfall is my hair! It is long, thin, stringy, damaged and in need of a serious haircut (we have discussed my laziness when it comes to this, don’t be surprised). As you can imagine, my hair was looking pretty lifeless on camera.  Our hairstylist tried everything to make my hair look camera ready but nothing was working- until we were introduced to Denise Richards Volume Extend by Cristophe!

It makes sense that someone who has spent years behind the camera developed a product line that would cure my onscreen woes! Denise Richards and stylist to the stars, Cristophe, came together to create an amazing line of volumizing and nourishing products that promote healthy and fuller looking locks. Plus, it is cruelty free! The entire line features innovative Voluminis and Aquaflex technology, which adds serious volume. Additionally, antioxidents, such as sea fennel, protect the hair and keep it hydrated. I could tell an immediate difference the first time we used it on my hair! The entire line is fantastic but my personal favorite is the Finishing Spray, which kept my hairstyle in place but natural looking and I never felt as though my hair was stiff or crunchy. I was able to move around naturally and feel confident on camera. I might not look as great as Denise Richards, but thanks to her new product line, at least my hair can!

Hooked on Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

I have used so many different products, but there’s only one skin care serum that’s proven beneficial to my skin in a number of ways:  Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel. It works to reduce oiliness (my skin is very oily) but it leaves my skin soft and hydrated—never dry or irritated. It also minimizes the prominence of the pores on my nose! Sometimes I mix a few drops to my foundation to achieve a dewy finish. You can also mix it in with a rich face cream to create a nice light moisturizer.

Here’s just a little info on the ingredients that make Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel such an outstanding product:


  • Ginseng root helps firm saggy skin
  • Gingko biloba extract and vitamin E boost radiance
  • Vitamin C lend critical antioxidant protection
  • Rosehip oil and marshmallow soothe sensitivity


Have you given Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel a try? Leave a comment and let me know if you love it as much as I do!

Like 4 Products in 1: ARCONA Cranberry Gommage

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

There are a lot of products out there that claim to cover all bases: cleanse, protect, tone, define, etc. etc. etc. But in all honesty, is there really only ONE product that goes the whole 9 yards? Until recently – I didn’t think so. I always had 4 separate products: my favorite cleanser which was mild enough to use every morning and night, my best toner which completely clarified my skin, a weekly mask to exfoliate, and a moisturizer I couldn’t keep in the bottle to save my life.

Thanks to BeautyFix I was recently introduced to the luxury skin care brand ARCONA,  which is a personal favorite of Zoe Saldana, Emmy Rossum, Rachel Zoe, Julia Roberts and Anna Kendrick – just to name drop a tad. With a roster like that and Allure’s Best of Beauty Award seal of approval, I knew there had to be something special about ARCONA’s products so I decided to try the Cranberry Gommage. I kid you not when I say this single item has eliminated my need for the 4 aforementioned products in my beauty regimen. It has cleansing properties to smooth, purify, and tone skin. It has tough ingredients including salicylic acid and volcanic minerals (which are actually finely crushed to be 1/1,000th of an inch – the perfect, mild exfoliant!) to keep your skin free of bacteria. It has cranberry and raspberry enzymes which not only gives the product a pretty purple hue but also unclogs and shrinks pores. Last but not least, it has anti-aging antioxidants that kick free radicals and environmental damage to the curb.

The Gommage is for use on normal or oily skin, which is perfect for me since I tend to be on the oily side. I diluted the product with water for the first week of use because I didn’t want to overwhelm my problem skin with a heavy mixture, but I was surprised to see how well my skin handled the change. I only use it three times a week – but it’s perfect for the face, neck and décolleté! This product has left my skin softer, smoother, and healthier than it has ever been, so I will be sure to add my name to the list of important ARCONA ambassadors!

Have you received your own ARCONA Cranberry Gommage from BeautyFix yet?

Springs’s Perfect Accessory: Colorful Nails

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Nail polish brings out the artist in everyone, and I think a bold nail polish is a perfect (and budget-friendly) spring accessory! To pull off the trend all you need is some nail-spiration and a few pointers.

1. Get some inspiration

Checkout for their Spring Fashion Color Report.

Pinterest and Instagram have a ton of images nail polish images from perfectly painted solids to elaborate DIY nails. One of my favorite nail art instagramers is @sfpartynails, a San Francisco-based nail artist who hosts pop-up polish parties!

A. Vermillionaire by Essie

B. Cheeky Chops by Butter London

C. via @sfpartynails

D. On The Beach by Deborah Lippmann

E. Butler Please by Essie  via

F. Pink by RGB

G. Ivy League by Ginger+Liz

H. Bond With Whomever by Essie  via

I. Really Red by Essie

2. Don’t be a hoarder

Once opened the quality of the polish will diminish after 2-3 years so don’t forget to replace old bottles. (Click here to find out the proper way to dispose of old nail polish)

3. Buy a buffer

Do yourself a favor and start your spring mani with a clean even canvas. Base coats will also help to prime your nails before you lay down your color.

4. Get comfortable

Sit at a table and try resting your painting hand on a higher surface like a book so that you hand remains steady.

5. Choose quality

Highly pigmented polishes work best for making designs or patterns because fewer coats are needed to show the color contrast. Butter London is a perfect example of a highly pigmented opaque polish brand.

6. Keep a polish remover pen and/or pads on hand

This way, you’ll be able to clean up any mistakes/remove excess polish from the skin around your nails quickly and easily.

The best part of freshly painted nails is sharing them! Share your nail looks or other tips below.

Is it Too Late to Fix an Aging Neck?

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

A few months ago I was having headshots taken for work. As I was looking over the images I saw something I had never noticed before, so I took a closer look and was aghast! On my neck were visible signs of CREPEY SKIN! I thought maybe it was just a shadow or a bad angle so I proceeded to have several more photos taken … and yes, in every shot the skin on my neck did not look the same as the rest of my face.

How could I not have noticed this before? I mean, I am very good about taking care of my skin. I cleanse thoroughly morning and night, exfoliate 2-3 times a week, use the appropriate moisturizer and sunscreen for my skin type and use an eye cream. In fact, a few months ago I probably would have told you I may be using too many products as I am a self-proclaimed beauty junkie. After all, it’s hard not to be working in the beauty industry.

I have been neglecting two of the first areas to show signs of aging and I KNOW THAT….. I have not been listening to the advice I give to others! I know the skin on the neck is thinner and has few sebaceous glands so of course it would be an area to become dry and show signs if aging first.

However (prior to now that is) I have been using my neck as a hanger for necklaces and scarves (which I will be wearing a lot more of if I do not take care of my neck now).

At this point you may be thinking this is depressing, but it gets better. Immediately, I set out on the hunt for the best product to improve the look and appearance of the crepey skin on my neck and hands.

When I obsess on something I REALLY obsess on it, and for the past few months I have diligently been using the products I picked. Now there are many good products out there and the main thing that I have learned is neck and hand products ARE different than regular moisturizers which up until now I did not pay attention to as long as I was moisturizing and using sunscreen.

The other good news is it is never too late! In just the few months I have been using these products I have seen a major difference! HALLELUJAH!!!!! I am not going to have to wear scarves or gloves every day after all.

These are the products I picked:

StriVectin –TL Tightening Neck Cream: This cream has an immediate firming effect; it contains an exclusive molecule called NIA-114 which boosts the skins ability to hold natural collagen and moisture. I could feel the tightening the first time I used it and began to see an improvement in 2-3 weeks .Now, after several months the skin on my neck is much smoother and firmer. I don’t feel like I have the crepey appearance any longer.

Nia 24 Sun Damaged Repair for Hands and DécolletageFirst of all this cream feels great! Plus it contains ingredients to lighten and even out the appearance of age spots and discoloration. It also contains a molecule called Pro-Niacin which can penetrate the epidermis and strengthen the skin barrier. I have been using this cream morning and night on my hands but it can also be used on the décolletage, shoulders or any areas that have has made my hands smooth and virtually spot free.I am happy as I have improved the appearance of my neck and hands and I have added new products to my ever expanding beauty ritual which of course I love!

Improve Your Skin Every Time You Cleanse? Yes!

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

I don’t need to tell you that when something sounds too good to be true … it usually is. I say “usually” because there are definitely exceptions, like the results you can expect when you use Glytone Mild Gel Wash– one of the amazing products featured in this season’s Beautyfix! If you’re looking for a face wash that multitasks, you’ve found it.

Because of its glycolic acid content (which is perfect for everyday use for most skin types, in case you were wondering) this gem safely rids your complexion of dead skin cells as it washes away oil, dirt and makeup. Don’t believe me? A full-fledged expert—board-certified dermatologist Ashley Magovern—is about to school you.

“Glycolic acid is probably my favorite ingredient in skin care,” Dr. Magovern told me. “And if you can incorporate into your routine somehow, whether through a cleanser or a lotion, you will quickly notice your skin looking brighter and fresher, with pores and lines minimized. Glycolic acid has been around since the infancy days of dermatology (even before that) and has long track record with lots of science to support its effectiveness.”


Have you tried Glytone Mild Gel Wash yet? You know the drill—leave a comment and tell us how much you’re loving it!