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Summer Essentials – 3 Products You Never Knew You Needed

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

By Jenna

Memorial Day weekend has already come and gone which doesn’t just remind us not to squander time but to also start enjoying the summer. Like right now. In the next few months we will be going on vacations and flocking to bodies of water. With the upcoming excursions and lazy, leisurely days we need to be sure that we’re protected from the rays of the sun and for anything that life throws at us whilst indulging. We all know the basics to bring to any summer soiree: SPF, lip balm, waterproof mascara and body oil, however the bare bones pack job may not cover us for more than a day. Wherever I go, I want to not only look my best but feel my best around the clock and I have a feeling you’ll want to pick up a few of my secrets too.

Being on vacation or at a party should be glamorous right? If there’s one thing to turn to it’s a face palette. My favorite face go-to is the Instant Face kit from Claudio Riaz. 4 amazing products in 1 – BOOM. Pool party, BBQ, boat trip, beach day, no problem. You have everything in this gorgeous kit to apply or touch up. Guess what? It’s refillable! After using up what you love, stage a makeup mutiny and switch with ANY of the rest of Claudio’s line so you can build your own perfect palette over time. No hot mess face over here thank you.

No matter your weight, everyone gets a little critical about themself while in a swimsuit. Relax girls, you can get a leg up on the competition. I have quite a few weekend trips planned where bikinis are a must but I don’t want to worry about any puckering going on with my legs or behind if you get my drift.  My secret to a better look from behind is Bliss’ FatGirlSlim. I don’t want anyone actually knowing exactly what I’m doing, so I put some of the lotion in a travel container and label it just ‘lotion’. Genius, I know. While I’m hydrating, I’m reinforcing and if applied every day it’s smooth sailing.

With a trip already booked to an eco-friendly boutique hotel in a 3rd world country, I’m really careful to pack only what I need. To help conserve and conscious of my carbon footprint, I’m packing up LA Fresh’s Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipes. These 100% biodegradable wipes can be used on your face or body for a quick refresh at any time of the day. With ingredients like aloe, chamomile, vitamin E, cucumber and papaya, they remove makeup while soothing and cleansing your skin. I cannot stress enough about how amazing these wipes are for anywhere. I have a pack in my gym bag, beach bag, and suitcase and they come in handy every single day.

Have any summer beauty essentials that you can’t live without? Share!

The Horrors of Gel Manicures!

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

By Jenna

On one foggy October morning, I could hear the eerie sound of a faint rip in fabric. Upon looking down I realized… it was a chipped nail ripping my pillowcase! Did I mention that I got a gel manicure about 4 days before this incident? KILL. ME. NOW. I have been iffy on gel manicures since this point, but that just sent me over the edge. Isn’t the entire point of the gel manicure to stay intact for at least a week? Isn’t the entire point of putting your hands in and out of a UV machine so that you don’t have chips? This gel manicure trend has been replacing nail polish since 2009 and until this year, I’ve kept quiet about my indecisiveness for quite some time. By far, the cons of the gel manicure totally outweigh the benefits – if there ARE really any benefits. Here we go!

1. They say its ‘safe’ and not as damaging to your nails as acrylic. LIES! Manicurists still have to grind down your nail to get the right texture for the gel to stick better. Grinding down until your nail is raw— which doesn’t take much by a hand or electric file— can cause weak, brittle nails that will allow the chemicals to seep in and potentially cause nerve damage. What chemicals you say? Some of the gel nail polishes contain a chemical called methyl acrylate which doesn’t really get along with your skin. This chemical can cause contact dermatitis or an allergic skin reaction where a rash may develop along with annoying itching throughout the day. Because we are always touching our faces, this rash can spread to our eyelids or other places. Already spend $40 on that gel manicure? How about an extra $10 for some cortisone cream to go along with your sexy rash. One more thing on chemicals, remember that one linked to cancer called butylated hydroxyanisol or BHA? Yup, that one is found in some gel polishes too.

2.  The removal process is horrible. Since when have you ever had to soak wrap your nails in pure acetone and foil for 20 minutes with regular nail polish? To remove gel polish, the nail salon will help you soak your nails in acetone for a while or they can grind it off (most manicurists are not able to be so delicate to grind off only the gel part – chances are they will get your actual nail during this at least 6 times). Acetone is an extremely drying chemical on your nails, not to mention it can wreak havoc on your delicate skin. After repeated removal processes your nails can become very brittle and even start peeling. All it took was once for me and my nails have never been in a worse condition. If you’re not an acetone fan, you can always start peeling them off. Once you do that, take a look at the underside of the gel polish and see what you find. The top of your natural nails you say? OH that’s strange, I wonder how that happened. (See #1 for nail filing)

3. Because the removal process is horrendous and you can’t do it yourself unless you have access to pure acetone, you’re stuck with not only the color you picked but the grown out look on your digits for a few weeks. Need to change your polish color for an important event? (Shakes head up and down yes) March right on over to the same nail salon for another gel application where you can get even weaker nail beds. Acetone, 10 minutes later, file down a little more, feel the pain, another 10 minutes of UV light exposure on your hands and VOILA! You have a new nail color that you’re stuck with for another few weeks. By that way, that’ll be another $40 plus tip. Not to mention, they may chip if you aren’t careful.

I’m on to you gel polish….

From this moment forward, I’m saying no to gel manicures. I’m also re-uniting with my massive collection of nail polish and asking them for forgiveness while I nurse my poor nails back to health. I do hope for your sake though that I’m not the only one that sees through these deceptive manicures.

The Secret to a Flawless Manicure

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011


If you’ve ever left a nail salon and been less than pleased with the outcome, you’re not alone.  Nail shops are as ubiquitous as McDonalds these days and many times, they feel just like a fast food joint as most manicurists want to get you in and out of their chair as quickly as possible so they can start on their next client. While it’s convenient to get your nails done cheap and quick, you may leave feeling unsatisfied.  From afar, your manicure may look perfectly lacquered and shiny, but upon closer inspection, you may notice that your nail polish doesn’t cover the entire nail bed (the rounded sides can be difficult to reach!) or you end up nicking them on something and will inevitably live with the imperfection for a week or two.

So what can you do to fix your manicure or preserve it so you don’t have to head back to your corner nail salon sooner than you have to?  Celebrity manicurist, Michelle Saunders has a few nail tips to help you maintain your manicure, in-between manicures.

 Dealing With Nicks

Don’t leave before your nails dry!  The most important thing you can do is not do anything for 10 minutes after your nails are polished and the top coat has been applied.  Waiting 10 minutes will set up your manicure and you will not only prevent nicks, but your manicure will last three times longer than if you just leave right away.

Your Polish Chips Prematurely

If your nail polish chips within a day or two after your manicure, your nail plate wasn’t prepared as well as it could have been, or the polish you used wasn’t a quality polish.  Make sure your nails are completely dry before applying polish.  A good manicure should last at least five days.

 Wear Gloves

You don’t have to be a hand model to wear gloves (Seinfeld anyone?). If you do anything rugged — if you’re moving boxes or washing the dishes — it’s important to protect your hands with gloves.

 Moisturize Daily

Right after you wash your hands, apply lotion.  Washing your hands with soap and water dries out your hands and cuticles, and that can cause hang nails and prematurely make your hands look old and unsightly.  Foregoing the lotion after washing your hands is the equivalent of washing your hair with shampoo and foregoing conditioner.  Cuticle oil should also be used daily.  Keeping your cuticles hydrated prevents hang nails and dry skin that can cause nails to break easily.

 Carry A Nail File

If you break a nail, file it as soon as you can so the jagged end doesn’t catch on anything and break further up the nail.

 Top Coat

After a few days, apply a top coat to make your nails shine.  A top coat will refresh dull polish and keep your manicure going for a couple more days.


Michelle Saunders is a celebrity manicurist in Los Angeles.  Her roster of clients includes, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman.  She’s also the go-to manicurist on the West Coast for dozens of high-fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle, W, Harpers Bazaar, and Vanity Fair. Along with being a manicure superstar, she’s also on the coveted Beautyfix Panel.

Dr. Murad’s University of Inclusive Health

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

I recently went to Murad’s Inclusive Health spa in El Segundo for training. I wanted to share my experience because this is a fairly new program and I think that anyone interested in health and beauty could truly benefit from this program and experience. I’ll explain what the Inclusive Health program is about, how it works and what I did/learned during my training.

What is inclusive health?

Inclusive health is a breakthrough approach to health and aging. It creates the ideal environment for cellular health. This astonishing approach looks at the body as an integrated system that can be transformed by building health at the cellular level. Inclusive health broadens its horizons by focusing on the overall health of each person from the cellular level up. Patients have a consultation with Dr. Murad and a trained Inclusive health practitioner to set up a 10 week program that focuses on correcting skin conditions and the management of aging. Each individual program is based on the individual wants and needs of each patient. Using a three-pronged approach that consists of topical, internal and emotional care, Inclusive health offers a unique collaboration of services, this concept is absent from today’s medical spa market, which makes this program so innovative and one of a kind.

How does the three-pronged approach work?

External Care: The skin is the body’s largest organ and first line of defense. Esthetic facials, tips for clear skin, cosmetic medical services and appropriate skincare regimens are all included in inclusive health’s plan.

Internal Care: Supplements, prescription medication, nutrition and physical activities are all included to support all aspects of a healthier lifestyle.

Emotional Care: It is important for patients to achieve psychological and social balance. Spa feel-good services and stress-reduction activities like support groups to nurture the psyche and exercise are included in this section of wellness.

Dr. Murad has created a program that strives to make the whole body healthier by helping each cell in the body function at optimal level. Inclusive health’s secret weapon is that it is rooted in The Science of Cellular Water. This science was discovered by Dr. Murad; he studied the strength of the cells themselves and found that they are the ultimate marker of youthful, good health and primary wellness. Gradual loss of muscle and bone mass, a lower metabolic rate, decline in hearing, vision and strength are all the result of a decrease in intracellular water. Howard Murad, M.D. states “The common thread to all physical aging and disease processes is life’s most fundamental component: water.” The Science of cellular water is about getting water into the cells and connective tissue so that it can function at its full capacity. Inclusive health not only explains the benefits of drinking water but how “eating your water” when you eat raw fruits and vegetables, may be an even better form. If the body is healthy, the skin will be as well. How do we increase healthy water? Through diet, exercise, lowering stress level and doing things that will make and keep us happy this is the essence of Inclusive Health.

University for Inclusive Health

UIH curriculum is based on Dr. Murad’srevolutionary Inclusive approach to esthetics and health. Inclusive Health courses are based on Dr. Murad’s vision of better living through the complete integration of these realms: health, beauty and wellness care; which address the mind, soul and body.

Advanced tools cater to clients who have been affected by the impact of cultural stress. Cultural stress is a term coined by Dr. Murad referring to the normal stresses of everyday life, traffic, technology and long work weeks. Students who work through this program become proficient in the course materials needed to become an Inclusive Health Ambassador.

What I did all day

Now, that all of the back ground info is out of the way; let’s get to the good stuff! The program is an intense 5 day course where students sit in on lectures taught by the President of Inclusive Health Tracey Sameyah, Dr. Murad himself and other health practitioners who have gone through the training successfully. My group actually got to sit in on three patient/doctor consultations with Murad and watched how he interacted with each patient. Each patient filled out a sense of self questionnaire that asked a series of lifestyle questions. They each ranked the questions (10 being the most 1 being the least).

Some sense of self example questions:

“I am at my ideal weight”
“I get 7-9 hours of sleep every night”
“I am hopeful for my future”
“I have a lot of energy when I get up in the morning”.

The way each patient rates these questions helps Dr. Murad and health practitioners set up a plan for each patient based on their lifestyle. I really enjoyed the training it was very informative, each of us came up with our own 10 week program based on our own sense of self. This gave us all a feel for what the patients were doing and how we can relate to them. At the end of the course we took a cumulative exam when you pass, you receive a lovely certificate and become a Certified Inclusive Health Practitioner.

5 Tips to Unwind

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

By Jenna

All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. That phrase is cringe worthy. Anyone who works a stressful job, has a family or is just plain busy, needs to take a few minutes out of the day to help themselves. Stress is bad for the body and can cause some major complications. We’re all working women, so take a time out and try these 5 easy ways to getting rid of stress.

  1. Talk a walk outside. Breathe in and breathe out… Simply going outside and getting fresh air will help you clear your head without doing anything major. Leave your phone at home or in your desk along with your worries. Taking a brisk walk will get the blood flowing and you’ll feel better afterwards.
  2. Give yourself a mini facial when you get home. Refreshing your skin isn’t just great for your outside appearance but it’s great for your state of mind as well. Cut up some cucumbers for your eyes, throw on a facial masque for 10 minutes, lay back and feel the stress lift off your shoulders.
  3. Drink more water. Under a lot of stress, we tend to go for the coffee or soda. We’ve all heard they actually dehydrate you rather than hydrate and it’s true. Drinking caffeine in the middle of the afternoon will do more harm than good and you’ll feel even more worn out once you crash. Getting rid of stress can be as easy as drinking more water. Get yourself a refillable cup.
  4. Take a day off. Inconceivable right? That naughty little devil on your shoulder is telling you to call in sick. If you have hours and you’re on the brink of a breakdown, play hookie and do something for you. Whether it’s taking a trip to the spa or just staying at home in your pj’s and relaxing, you may also want to use this time to catch up on sleep.  You’ve earned that time off, use it.
  5. Take a bath. The spa might be out of reach for a lot of us, so turn your bathroom into your own personal spa. Fill the bath with some therapeutic bath soak, light a candle and relax. You’ll be soaking away that stress while moisturizing your skin. Don’t forget to exfoliate your knees, elbows and feet to feel extra refreshed. It’s simple. When your skin feels good, you feel good.

    Source: Flickr User Carolyn Sewell

Beautyfix Spotlight: Philip B.’s Chocolate Milk Body Wash and Body Crème

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011
Chocolate body wash

Source: Flickr user el patojo

OK, time for a weird fact about me:  I really don’t like chocolate. Not one bit, not even during that time of the month. I know, it’s unheard of if you’re female. Naturally, I tend to stay away from anything that has to do with chocolate. So it’s never crossed my mind to pick up a beauty product that smells like it or has chocolate in it. I was a little reluctant to try Philip B.’s Chocolate Milk Body Wash and Body Crème (thank goodness for Beautyfix and the deluxe travel sizes.) Expecting neither product to be anything I’d ever like, I was pleasantly surprised with both.

A lot of body washes dry out my skin, and I often turn to my best friend named Dr. Bronner, which does the exact opposite. So using this in the shower was quite different than what I’m used to. The smell of chocolate milk is sweetly present and will take you back to the good ol’ days when you were on a swing set asking mom for a YooHoo. Philip B.’s body wash gently dissolved dirt and debris and left my skin super soft out of the shower. The best part about this body wash is that it doubles as a bubble bath for an extra tasty treat. After using, my fiancé couldn’t help but notice the delicious scent and for once, loved the smell of my new body wash.

I’m all about body crèmes, so I was anxious to try this one after using the body wash. With ingredients like cocoa butter, safflower seed oil and extracts of chocolate and vanilla it was sure to be a winner. The luxurious and delectable body lotion was milk chocolate-y smooth and creamy with application. My skin was left soft and nourished from the body crème and the lingering sweet smell was one to enjoy. Could it be, could it actually have happened? I think I’ve found a few chocolate beauty products that I like. Best of all, no calories. Beautyfix approved and almost good enough to eat!

Valentine’s Day Ideas for You and Your Man

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Source: flickr user creativesam

When February rolls around, women start thinking about romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day with or without a significant other in the picture. Whatever you status, coming up with the perfect Valentine’s Day ideas can be frustrating. Here’s a quick Valentine’s Day gift guide, plus tips on pampering yourself, to make life a little easier.

In pure me-first fashion, let’s start with the pampering—Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to give yourself a good skin treatment. This year, it falls on a Monday, so take a little “me time” after work. Start with a nice, warm bath and let your worries float away with a bath bomb like Me! Bath’s Lychee Blossom or Night Falls on Neroli—these sweet treats are soothing and uber-moisturizing for your skin. While you’re taking that precious me time, use a rich scrub like Tocca’s Rich Body Scrub in Stella to help slough off dead skin cells, get that turnover rate going and moisturize your delicate skin. This scrub is extremely luxurious, and will leave you with a gorgeous glow. Don’t forget to light some candles, and, if you’re really up for it, apply a good mask while you’re soaking. Try Eminence’s Pink Grapefruit Vitality Mask for a boost of vitamins, antioxidants and moisture. Best of all, it’s great for any skin types! Follow your bath time up with a body butter or body oil. One of my favorites for dry skin is Juara’s Candlenut Body Crème.

Valentine’s Day for him can get a little tricky. Most men aren’t into flowers, gifts in little heart boxes or Valentine’s Day in general. To show that you care, venture out and get a little something for him, even if it may be a blind experience. Here’s a trick: go with what you know. If your man likes sports, get him sporting event tickets, or his favorite team’s hat, and tie in a little V-Day twist in the packaging. If you’re not short on cash, go the distance and take him to do something he’s always wanted to do. For example, you could get him flying lessons, a hot air balloon or blimp ride or take him on that racing experience he just saw on The Bachelor. Most of the country is struggling, so going a simpler route is also appreciated. Set up a romantic movie night with your favorite drinks and make him dinner. The boys will always appreciate a good cook so study up and work that kitchen. Showing him a little extra love is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts, so a back rub or a foot rub is the icing on the cake. Most importantly, be yourself and have fun!

Whether you’re alone or with someone this Valentine’s Day, there’s always something for everyone. Being creative is not only fun, but can be more fulfilling than any expensive gift.

What do you have planned for this Valentine’s Day?

Spring 2011 Nail Trends

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

By Jenna

The holidays are done with and spring is going to hit sooner than you think. As a nail trends master, it’s time to switch things up with those digits. After much research and personally indulging a little in these nail polish trends, I can tell you this spring season brings back fun, flirty pastels that stand out. Now isn’t the time for your nails to be boring! Without further ado, here’s the breakdown for our favorite spring 2011 nail trends.

Tuxedo cream

Instead of traditional black and white or a French manicure, go for a manicure with black tips over a cream color base. Paint black polish up the sides of your nails, meeting both sides in the middle making a point which will make this look anything but boring. Using the brush, with two easy flicks, you’ll have this chic style down in a jiff.

Source: flickr user Ballekarina

Light and bright pastels

I’m getting really tired of the dark hues of winter and am in dire need of a pop of color. Spring 2011 trends take us to robin’s egg blues and very light lime greens, making your nails oh so exciting. When you’re searching for a color that’ll brighten up your day, try a juicy tangerine like OPI’s Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? Or a poppy pink like Diva-In-Training from Sephora by OPI goes Gleek Collection. By far the nail polish color that I’m most anxious to wear is Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in Barracuda. It’s an icy-fabulous blue that will look amazing on any skin color.

Go tan instead of greige

Greige was my favorite go-to neutral color for fall and winter but spring merits something a little warmer. Buttery beige will have your nails looking refreshingly fashionable and sleek. We’ve seen these neutral colors as a nail polish trend for quite a few seasons, but for spring 2011, the warmer the better. One of my favorites is Butter London’s Yummy Mummy which is stunning on every skin color. If you’re unsure about what color to buy, this is the one for you.

The wildcards for spring 2011 nail trends are brighter colors which are borderline summer colors in my book and there’s no objection to that. Try a bright teal or something gorgeously two-toned like Sparitual’s Strawberry fields forever. You can also never go wrong with a classic red.

What nail polish trends are you going to try this spring season?

Preparing your Skin for the Snow

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

By Jenna

Last year, my holiday vacation took me to Hawaii, where I shared my beauty tips for a tropical winter. This time around I’ll be in the cold and snow at a gorgeous resort in Lake Arrowhead. I won’t be alone though, winter skin has already hit and that means my skin is dry, delicate and a little sensitized. To make skin matters worse, the snow on the slopes + the mountain air will intensify these effects on my skin and I’ll see some inflammation, redness, chapping and a nice sun burn. Luckily, I already have my winter skin care routine lined up and can offer you some skin care tips to help take care of your skin in the snow.

Source flickr user: Tambako the Jaguar

Falling down the mountain while snowboarding is the least of my concerns because my skin is always number one. I can lay out all day long in the sun on a beach and never get burned, but when it comes to being in the snow, a sunburn is almost a guarantee. Truth is, snow can reflect up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays right back at you causing you to burn worse than you would on a beach. Sun damage leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin causing aging, so a high SPF blocker is a must. Using an SPF in your daytime moisturizer, lotion and your makeup is the best way to go because you’re putting on protection on different levels to ensure that you’re covered. Remember, even if you have an SPF in your foundation, you still need to wear SPF under it or over it. Why? Because unless you’re caking on a ton of that foundation, you are not getting the amount of protection that it claims. Your best bet in the snow is using a hydrating moisturizer with antioxidants with a high SPF to combat dry skin. The one I’ll be using is Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s Powerful Sun Protection SPF 45 and I’ll be reapplying every 80 minutes to make sure I’m not coming home for new years with a pink face.

Dry skin care is so important, I can’t emphasize it enough. When your skin is dry, you have more of a chance of getting sensitized skin and wrinkles,  and your skin doesn’t have optimal defense against the elements because its natural lipid barrier isn’t fully functioning to protect it. Hydrating your dry skin is a must, so use a hydrating toner to help retain moisture without causing any irritation. Juara’s Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner (a Beautyfix favorite) is perfect in this case because it contains antioxidants like black, green and white tea to provide antioxidant protection and treat inflammation and irritation while honey and hyaluronic acid hydrate for ultra-soft skin. Another beauty product to incorporate into your regimen can be a hydrating serum. This is a good way to ensure hydration, vitamins and antioxidants will be helping your skin along in the battle against the elements. Since my skin will be flushed from the cold, I’ll be incorporating Couperose-C Serum by Eminence to help with redness, inflammation and dry skin. Don’t forget! The serum will go underneath your moisturizer.

Skin care tip: You have 3 minutes when you get out of the shower to put on your lotion and moisturizer. Don’t dilly and don’t dally, get your skin hydrated before that time and put on your moisturizer with damp skin. Don’t dry your skin completely with your towel, keep your skin a little moist and put on lotion, body balm or body butter right away to lock in that needed moisture.

Adding a moisturizer, a hydrating toner, serum and a simple rule to follow when drying off can make a huge difference in treating dry skin in cold weather. How will you combat the cold weather this holiday?

Glam it up with Holiday Nail Color

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

By Jenna

It’s so exciting that another year has flown by and we’re at the time of year that we can stuff our faces, dress up and spread holiday cheer. This season, your best accessory for any holiday outfit will be your nails. This year’s winter/holiday nail polish trends are sexy, vivacious and festive. There’s nothing that could make my holiday season complete quite like dipping my digits in gorgeous holiday nail color.

There’s a treasure trove of new colors for the winter 2010 season made just for the occasions. There are a few things that we can take from last year’s nail polish trends. Jewel tones are still here, just a little darker this time. Glitter is always great for the holidays, but think chunkier and messier (big specks of actual glitter pieces on your nails) for a not-so-prim-and-proper look. Also, I’ve wanted to say this for a long time: I’m so bored with black nails! Instead of going boring black, spice it up with something saucy. These stand out nail trends for 2010 will glam up your hands perfectly for any holiday soiree.

Gold is still glamorous and versatile enough to go with many color scheme—and something copper-tinged is what you want this season. If you are going for the gold, Dior Vernis is the shade to check out—it’s gorgeous! It matches with just about every skin tone and looks fabulous with any outfit.

As for jewel and gem-toned nail polish colors, those are still in! This season, the best greens to go for are deep shades of emerald with a hint of metallic. And the ‘it’ purple has evolved into a dark plum.

As for the classic red, that will never go away. I’m actually hoping it will make a big comeback to reclaim its position as the nail color. Cranberry red, as well as sparkling, glittering crimsons are so perfect for this season I can’t even begin. My absolute favorite holiday red is SpaRitual’s Nail Lacquer in Spellbound. It’s a riveting shade reminiscent of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. It’s also a cute gift to give, because the festive color is sure to dazzle any holiday party.

Source: Flickr User @ly$ in wonderland

We can’t forget about glitter and winter whites. For the perfect pearly white, grab an iridescent shade and mix in a little pearly blue. On to the glitter: I don’t care who you are, glitter should be your guilty pleasure. Picture Frosty the Snowman, with his hat and carrot nose, nice and pleasant on a snowy day. Now take a leaf blower filled with festive glitter and chunky confetti and douse him in it. That’s what your nails should look like. Don’t try to be neat or discreet with glitter. Take a color that you love, like a frosty white or orange and use CND’s Silver and Gold Sparkling Effects silver AND gold over the color. This will give a festive finish to any of your favorite nail polish colors. You can also go the easy route and use OPI’s Show It & Glow It or Sparkle-icious for New Years. Have fun!

What color route will you take your nails this season?