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Copy Mena Suvari’s Deep Side Part With These 5 Simple Tips

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Mena Suvari Pics

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It’s hard to believe that the original American Pie movie came out more than a decade ago, but it did. And last night in LA marked the premiere of American Reunion, which I believe is the 4th film in this franchise? We got to see Stiffler’s Mom and the whole gang back on the red carpet! Anyway, before I get to the good stuff, I have to comment on how much Mena Suvari has grown on me over the years. She isn’t perfect by any means, but she’s definitely a unique beauty, and like Michelle Williams she just seems to keep looking more and more polished. Last night’s hairdo was no exception—this is a prime, totally wearable example of something we saw lots of during Fashion Month: the deep side part. Here are some tips for copying this look yourself!

1. Get your hair color right. Mena sure did! What a gorgeous beige blonde. It complements her skin tone nicely AND it looks natural, thanks to those subtle, far-from-ombre roots—a must for a believably color-treated mane.

2. Know where to draw the line. A good rule of thumb for a deep side part: pretend there’s an invisible vertical line coming up out of your eyebrow, right where the arch is. That’s where your should make your part. Got a fine-toothed comb with a long, skinny handle? Perfect—that’s your parting tool!

3. Shine it up. Careful, though—unless your hair is thick and plentiful, a little shine product goes a long way, particularly in the case of a hair oil. For just about any hair type, I recommend Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist, as it provides the gorgeous luster its more traditional counterparts do, but won’t make your hair look stringy, even if it’s on the fine side.

4. Do a little coaxing. You WILL need to finish this look with some hairspray. What you DON’T want is “helmet head” of any kind. Hair should never be crispy! For staying power, a trick of the trade: start on your hair before you do your makeup. After you make your side part, secure the side that isn’t going behind your ear with a bobby pin—just tuck a little piece of tissue in between your strands and the bobby pin so that you don’t get any un-cute indentations. By the time you’re done with your makeup, your hair should be “used” to the deep side part, meaning just a little hairspray will do the trick once you remove the bobby pin.

5. Don’t forget the brows! Dramatic looks like the deep side part draw attention to your bone structure—and your brows will make or break that! Make sure they’re clean but not overtweezed, and fill them in if need be.

Any other hairstyles you’ve seen around that you’d like to know more about? Leave a comment and ask us! If one of us doesn’t know how to do it, one of our amazing panelists most certainly will!