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Vitamin C and E for Healthy Skin

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

It is by now an acknowledged fact: A balanced and vitamin-rich diet is your foolproof ticket to healthy glowing skin. In the words of dermatologist Ellen Marmur, “our skin is constantly under construction,” and to repair and rebuild itself, it uses vitamins and nutrients from food, particularly vitamin c and vitamin e. After a little research, I discovered the specific benefits of vitamin c and e on skin:


  • For Acne -  Both vitamins are anti-inflammatory, and have a calming effect on skin.
  • For Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Hyperpigmentation – As antioxidants, these vitamins block the damages caused by free radicals (a.k.a. unstable molecules responsible for the appearance of visible signs of aging). Both vitamins also assist in the skin’s healthy production of collagen and in encouraging cell regeneration, thereby improving the appearance of skin tone, texture and firmness.
  • For Sunburn and Sun Protection – Because broad-spectrum sunscreens only block up to 55% of UV-induced free radicals, antioxidants make the perfect supplement in protecting our skin against sun damage and skin cancer.


Now I do know for sure that stuffing myself with vitamin-enriched fruits and vegetables will make my skin look and feel healthy, but I was a little apprehensive about getting the full benefits of vitamin c and e on my skin when topically applied. This is why I tried SkinMedica Vitamin C and E Complex.

The premise of this this serum is very promising. It boasts 15% stabilized vitamin C and E that are encased in a sophisticated silicone suspension system, which gradually delivers these nutrients to the layers of the skin every time you need it throughout the day. That alone is impressive!

When I first applied it, I immediately fell in love with its scent. It smelled like honey, and it sort of gave me the assurance that I was putting something really good on my skin. I also liked how a single pump of this cream was enough to fill up the surface of my freshly cleansed face. Usually, after applying moisturizer, I had to layer different products to give me a smooth and even canvass for makeup. But because the serum left a silky smooth finish, I decided to skip the first few steps of my routine and moved on to the next. For someone who’s always in a hurry to get somewhere, this was a huge help!

To be honest, I was quite surprised at how instantly this serum worked. It gave my skin a matte finish without drying it. I have an acne scar right above my upper lip and a really obvious brown spot under my right eye that just won’t go away. Both appear to be less visible now after just two and a half weeks of applying this product. In fear of slathering my face with too much chemicals, I try to limit my skin care products to sunscreen and moisturizer. But in this particular case, I think I’ll make an exception.

Beautyfix Spotlight: Phytomer Hydra Original Thirst-Relief Melting Cream

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Do you have dry skin like I do? Or even if you don’t, do you ever experience any seasonal dry skin patches? How about that tight, uncomfortable feeling that’s accompanied by your makeup settling into ALL your wrinkles and fine lines? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” … I hereby urge you to drop everything you’re doing and get your hands on Phytomer Hydra Original Thirst-Relief Melting Cream.

I’m pleasantly surprised by products every single Beautyfix season. Not that I’ve ever expected disappointment. It’s just that, considering the extent to which I’ve experimented with different beauty products—moisturizers, serums, cleansers, toners, sunscreens, you name it—I never expect to come across something I’ve never tried. And maybe I should. Because I always do! Obviously, this isn’t the first dry skin moisturizer that’s made its way onto my desk, but boy, it might be the best! And while I had a feeling I’d like it, given that it’s a pretty basic product from Phytomer, a trusted spa brand that’s been around forever, I had no idea I’d love it as much as I do.

I want to take a bath in this stuff!

OK, that would be expensive. Really though, this dry skin moisturizer might really be the best I’ve ever tried. Why? Well, truth be told, I haven’t been using it long enough to realistically expect any dramatic transformations. But honestly, it’s a moisturizer. Other than the obvious, what do you want a moisturizer to do? Me, I just want it to make my skin soft, healthy and hydrated. A little softening of the lines is nice. But I hardly expect a face transplant. (Serums, though…different story. Of those I ask a lot.) Anyway, this particular dry skin moisturizer leaves my skin softer and more hydrated than any other I’ve tried. And it just feels so luxurious!

Needless to say I’ll be repurchasing this as soon as I run out. At $75.50 for 1.6 fluid ounces it’s not exactly cheap, but that price tag is pretty commonplace as far as moisturizers go. And yeah, I have a cabinet full of other stuff, but this is better and that’s that.

If you received Phytomer Hydra Original Thirst-Relief Melting Cream. in your most recent Beautyfix kit, tell me: are you as in love with it as I am?

Beautyfix Spotlight: Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Spring Beautyfix is finally here and there are lots of new beauty products that I’m so excited to try this season. One that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on for this beauty review is the Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser

This dual action cleanser does more than just wash off dirt and makeup. It pulls double duty by helping to fight the signs of aging skin with alpha lipoic acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and DMAE to help lift and contour your skin.

While this cleanser is perfect for those with mature skin, it is also a great preventative measure for those that are not quite there. This Anti-Aging, Paraben-free cleanser increases firmness and treats skin conditions such as large pores, fine lines & wrinkles, helping to smooth out the skin’s surface. I have only used this product a couple of times now, so I cannot really say that I noticed a big difference in regards to my pores being less noticeable or my wrinkles smoothing away just yet. But I did notice that my skin appeared to be brighter and tighter after just a few uses. I intend to continue using it and hopefully these results will begin to become even more noticeable after time. As the saying goes (or as Nelson sings)…”only time will tell

What I can tell now, is that it doesn’t leave you with the feeling of dry skin and a little bit goes a long way. Oh, and if you love the smell of a fresh bathed baby (you know the smell I’m talking about), then you will love the smell of this cleanser. Like a mixture of clean skin, freshly shampood hair and baby powder… so fresh.  It brings joy to me just to smell it!

This is a great product to choose for your Beautyfix kit if you are looking for a dual action cleanser that does more than wash your mascara away. Let’s face it, the more a product can do, the better (that’s my motto anyway) Give it a shot and tell us what you think!

Beautyfix Spotlight: An Awesome Anti-Aging Treatment from Vichy

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I am all about anti-aging treatments, so you can imagine how excited I was to receive Vichy LiftActiv With Rhamnose 5 Percent Day For Dry Skin in my Beautyfix Kit this season. It’s chock-full of amazing ingredients which, in the short time I’ve been using the product, have proven effective in more ways than one. My dryish, sensitive skin looks and feels so much better—fewer fine lines, a smoother texture and an increase in skin “plumpness.” And unlike many effective anti-aging treatments, this one does not dry my skin out in the slightest. Win, win, win, win!

So, how does this stuff work, exactly? Glad you asked. First of all, it contains a healthy amount of the all-star emollient shea butter (the first ingredient on the list). But that’s not even the best part. A 5% dose of Rhamnose—a naturally derived plant extract that penetrates deeply to boost cell turnover and reveal healthier, younger-looking skin—is what makes this anti-aging treatment a veritable fountain of youth in a bottle. As if that weren’t enough, it’s also got one of my most important skin care must-haves: vitamin C. In case you didn’t know, vitamin C works to defend our skin against free radical damage that leads to further aging woes. It also works to diminish the look of spots, giving us a fresher, more even-toned complexion.

Really, as far as anti-aging treatments go, Vichy LiftActiv With Rhamnose 5 Percent Day For Dry Skin is one of the most comprehensive I’ve had the privilege of trying. Did you get this one in your Beautyfix kit? If you did, how did you like it?

Beautyfix Spotlight: Good as Gold: LaROCCA Skincare 24k C-Gold Reparative Primer

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Utilziing Gold as a skin care ingredient is becoming more and more popular and once you use it, you will know why. Cleopatra was said to sleep in a gold face mask every night as an anti-aging treatment to enhance her complexion and preserve its natural luminosity. I took this tip from Miss Cleopatra and started using a facial cleanser a few years ago that contains gold and let’s just say “I struck gold” with the discovery of using gold on skin. (Thanks Cleo!)

I have never felt or seen better results (aside from Vitamin C as an ingredient, which I’m also a big fan), so just imagine the power of Vitamin C and Gold together! MAGIC! At least, that’s what it seems like. In case you can’t tell, I’m very impressed with gold effects in regards to the skin.   Hence my excitement to try LaROCCA skincare 24k C-Gold Reparative Primer, as I’m already a big fan of their 24k Gold Vitamin Repair Mist SPF 15

With a potent dose of Vitamin C, antioxidants and infusion of 24k gold this primer does amazing things for the complexion. It is a lightweight gel that is great for treating and preventing sun damage and works to clarify, tighten, brighten, smooth and reduce the appearance of acne. And fear not, the gold contained in this product will not remain on the surface of the skin making you look like you just got off the pole after a hard night of dancing.  The gold absorbs well and works over several hours to infuse the skin with nutrients leaving you with a radiant glow.

It can be used under foundation as well as by itself. My face is smooth as silk after applying this product and amazingly greaseless.  The C -gold reparative primer not only primes your skin for your makeup but it also repairs and heals your skin. Science has shown that gold improves collagen growth and reduces the break-down of elastin. It also stimulates blood flow which results in increased -cell growth, leading to healthy, even skin. 

I try to make gold a staple ingredient in my skin care regimen, as I truly believe in the results. I use it, I see it and I feel the benefits that it provides. It makes skin appear and feel smoother, tighter, more firm, radiant and beautiful overall.  

Was this product part of your Beautyfix selection? Tell us what you think!

Blake Lively Hair – We Want It. Do You?

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Question of the day: Does ANYONE reading this not have a big, huge hair crush on Blake Lively?

Blake Lively pics

image courtesy of

Whether or not you’re an avid Gossip Girl nerd like Amy and I, you can’t deny that those perfect waves are beyond gorgeous. (And if you DO Tivo GG on the reg … you’re probably just as envious of Serena Van der Woodsen’s perfect figure and to-die-for outfits. Don’t even get me started on that Vera Wang number she wore as Blair’s maid of honor. Obsessed.) Now, rumor has it that, these days, she’s sans extensions. I don’t know if I fully buy that, but given her ridiculously awesome genes I guess I wouldn’t put it past her. Regardless … if long, luscious locks are what you strive for, you CAN inch closer and closer to the dream. Literally! As a Valentine’s Day offering, with Ms. Lively as my inspiration, I give to you, dear readers, a quick little guide to getting Blake Lively Hair. (Another goodie for you: 20% off at DermStore. All you have to do is “like” their Facebook page and grab the code.) You’re welcome! Now, on to those tips:

1. Stop shampooing every day! Seriously. Stop it. You don’t need to wash your hair every day. If you work out and get sweaty, I get that you need to do something … so just rinse it and condition it. Shampooing with actual shampoo should take place once or twice a week. Also, look into a dry shampoo. Batiste makes a great one! It’s a total lifesaver AND it creates beautiful, sexy volume.

2. Get a wide-toothed comb. Use a comb and ONLY a comb when your hair is wet. If your hair is prone to tangles, use it in the shower while you still have conditioner in. And speaking of conditioner …

3. Invest in a good deep conditioner. Something that targets the roots is ideal. Use it once a week. If your hair’s feeling super dry, go ahead and apply it to dry hair, then shampoo it out. If you can stand to sleep with it (and honestly, that probably isn’t the best idea for those of us who are prone to breakouts), do it.

4. Take a supplement. Good old fashioned Biotin is great, inexpensive, and easily accessible. (Check your local health food or vitamin store.) Understand that these things work differently for everyone and be realistic—give it a few months before you expect results.

5. Talk to your hairdresser about the frequency of trims that’s right for you. If your hair is strong enough, it’s probably fine to go 10-12 weeks without a trim. This isn’t for everyone, though. If you get split ends easily, make an appointment to get them “dusted” (industry slang for trimming only what’s necessary) every 6 weeks.

Did I miss anything? Do YOU have any awesome tips for getting Blake Lively Hair? Please share!

Best Conditioner For Dry Hair: Nick Chavez Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Conditioner

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

best conditioner for dry hairSo, since I live in California and it’s almost 80 today, I know I shouldn’t really be complaining too much. BUT, we’ve had our share of cold weather here this winter, and as a result, my skin and my hair have been feeling super dry and dehydrated. And since I do a lot to my hair, I’m always on the hunt for the best conditioner for dry hair. Well, this season of Beautyfix threw one right onto my desk with Nick Chavez Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Conditioner. I love, love, love this awesome product!

First things first: a good hair conditioner is a good hair conditioner—regardless of scent. But we all love it when our hair products smell nice, don’t we? In addition to passing the smell test with its refreshing, sweet-yet-minty scent, this one leaves my hair silky-smooth and hydrated in spite of all the heat-styling and chemical processing I subject it to. I’ve tried (and loved!) other products from the Nick Chavez family and I have to say that, as amazing as all of them are, this is my new favorite. The condition of my hair has really and truly improved.

Another helpful hint for ladies hoping to maintain long, luscious locks: take it easy with the shampoo! At first it may seem weird, the idea of washing every other day or (gasp) once or twice a week. But I’m telling you, it’s really one of the best things you can do for your hair. I know the idea sounds all the more crazy if you’re an avid worker-outer. How can I possibly skip a day of shampoo when I’m covered in sweat? you ask. Just rinse your hair with water and apply a good hair conditioner like this one to your ends. Give it a few months and I guarantee you your hair will be shinier, softer and just better in general.

Did you receive Nick Chavez Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Conditioner in your Beautyfix kit this season? What did you think?

Beautyfix Pick: Kelly Teegarden Organics Eye Cream

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Attention natural and organic beauty product junkies: Beautyfix has the best eye cream this season! It’s an absolute must-try! Kelly Teegarden Organics Vitality Rose and Cucumber Eye Cream offers everything you could possibly want in an anti-aging eye treatment and nothing you don’t: no chemicals, no parabens, no harmful anything. Just awesome, natural, good-for-your-skin ingredients that work to fight the visible signs of aging. A win all around!

If you’ve never used any of the wonderful formulations Kelly Teegarden Organics has to offer, well, you’re in for a treat. (I’m a huge fan of The Royal Healthy Body Lotion.) And the story behind the brand is quite an inspirational one. After battling cancer, Kelly wanted beauty consumers everywhere to have access to products free of chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients. Her eponymous line—featuring an array of products for the face and body—utilizes natural ingredients and natural preservatives only.

As for the eye cream, along with soothing rose and cucumber, it contains essential oils, rosemary, horse chestnut and calendula. Dark circles and puffiness don’t stand a chance! It also works to smooth stubborn lines and wrinkles, imparting a plump, youthful glow. I like it so much, I carry it around with me and re-apply throughout the day. It’s a great antidote to the dry weather California gets this time of year. As soon as I smooth it on, I notice a difference—it’s a great pick-me-up for my delicate eye orbital area, which is quite prone to dark circles and puffiness.

Did you receive Kelly Teegarden Organics Vitality Rose and Cucumber Eye Cream in your Beautyfix kit this season? What do you think about it?

Beautyfix Obsession: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Even though I have a few long-standing favorites, I am always on the hunt for the best facial cleanser. And because I use something with a high percentage of glycolic acid every other day, I crave something that’s gentle yet thorough. I want all my makeup gone the first go—eye makeup included—and I want my skin to feel soft and healthy post-cleanse, not tight and dry (especially during these chilly winter months). Well, La Roche-Posay apparently read my mind when creating the amazing product they call Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel, a soap-free cleanser that’s tailored to suit the needs of oily/sensitive skin (a tough combo to deal with, or a delicate one anyway). FYI, my skin’s more aptly classifed as combination/sensitive—my nose and forehead get somewhat oily but my cheeks are super dry. And guess what? I couldn’t really ask for a more suitable cleanser than this one.

In addition to completely winning over the rest of the Beautyfix panel—pretty much everyone agrees it’s a keeper!—this soap-free cleanser is one of the highest-rated Shopper’s Choice picks on Here’s taste of what actual customers have to say about this affordable, amazing, effective gem of a product:

“This is the best cleanser I’ve tried, and like others I feel like I have tried them all. My skin is sensitive and acne-prone. I will for sure continue to use this product.” from Broomfield, CO

“I love this product! Not only is it great at keeping my rosacea at bay, but my face always feels clean and clear in the morning without feeling dry.” from Delray Beach, FL

“I have had sensitive and oily/combo acne prone skin ever since I can remember. Effaclar is a great blender than keeps my skin feeling clean and helps prevent breakouts. It is tough and gentle all at the same time and does not irritate your skin like other acne products. I love Effaclar and HIGHLY reccomend this to anyone who is having trouble with your skin. I have been using this for almost 5 years now and will never go back to another cleanser!” from Houston, TX

The Doc is In: Chat LIVE with Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Goldfaden

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Dr. Gary Goldfaden, celebrity dermatologist and creator of Goldfaden Skin Care Products, is an expert in the sorts of skin problems we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Over the course of his 30-year career, he’s revolutionized anti-aging skin care. Frustrated with many of the products on the market, he launched his namesake line when he discovered the power of red tea, also known as Rooibos—one of the most potent antioxidants containing high levels of SOD (super oxide dismutase), a substance that breaks down free radicals caused by environmental attack (daily pollutants, smoke, sun exposure, etc).  This signature ingredient is now the backbone of Dr. Goldfaden’s entire range of products, which we absolutely love!

Dr. Goldfaden is without a doubt one of the skin care industry’s foremost authorities. That’s why we’re thrilled to let you know that we’ll be hosting a live Q &A with him on Facebook on Friday, December 9th! Log in from 12pm-1pm PST and post your questions for Dr. Goldfaden on our Facebook wall. If you’d like, you can even leave a question for Dr. Goldfaden on our Facebook wall now! And remember, if you have any medical questions, you should always consult your personal care physician.