Bye Bye Acne

Night time skin care rituals can leave you going to bed with spots of creams and lotions, but they’re so worth the benefits! I’m happy to have survived my awkward teenage years, but my occasional acne breakouts haven’t gone away! I was recently introduced to acne skin product DDF Acne Control Treatment, formulated for acne-prone skin. This night use treatment definitely got rid of acne I tend to get around my chin area. Formulated with salicylic acid, it’s the magic potion that helps combat those annoying zits. A beta hydroxy acid, which is derived from the bark of a willow tree, salicylic acid enables the skin to shed dead skin cells, preventing pores from getting clogged up and removing debris such as dirt and oil. After using it for one night, I noticed that the redness and inflammation had gone down on a particular zit I had on the side of my chin. The lightweight treatment goes on thin and even moisturizes the skin, too. The bonus? Ginger root extract. This amazing ingredient not only protects our skin from harmful free-radicals but also promotes a more smooth and even complexion. It’s been a week since I started using the product, and it’s quickly become my go-to acne spot treatment.



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