Blonde vs Brown: Choosing the Best Hair Color for you

By Liz W

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Ever wonder whether you would get taken more seriously at work if you had dark hair, or if you would get noticed more at parties if you were playboy platinum? The Brunette and Blonde stereotypes are constantly portrayed in movie characters, popping up in jokes, and even seem to hold true in real life. If you are itching for a change maybe becoming a sultry brunette or blonde bombshell is just what the doctor ordered.
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A lot of celebrities have drastically changed their hair color for different roles, and in some cases the hair can be given credit for the awesomeness of the actresses’ character.  Even if you tend to prefer blondes over brunettes, sometimes one color looks great while the other looks awful, depending on skin tone.

You be the judge with these celebrity images:

  • Do you like Scarlett Johansson blonde or brunette?
  • Is deep chestnut color too dramatic for natural-ish blonde Katherine Heigl, or do you like her with dark locks? See Katherine Heigl hair pics here to decide for yourself.
  • Jessica Beil’s hair is naturally brown, but she has gone from dark to light and back again. Normally she  has some subtle highlights, which looks awesome with her olive skin tone. See Jessica Beil pics here.

Usually people expect blondes to be silly, fun and not so smart (pretty sure Elle Woods proved them all wrong after graduating with honors from Harvard Law) and brunettes to be quiet, brainy, and serious, so if you want to be viewed as more playful to get the guy, or more intellectual to get the job, you could do what the celebs do and change your look to fit the new you.

It usually does hold true that blondes naturally get noticed more often, and seem to be much more approachable to timid members of the opposite sex. Maybe this is due to the fact that the blondes are always the nice girls in books and movies, and the brunettes are usually the evil villains. (Have you ever seen a blonde witch?)

On the other hand, Brunettes are usually more exotic, and their dark hair automatically makes them seem more intelligent.  Throw on some thick rimmed glasses, and you instantly look like a smart, sexy librarian.

Blonde vs brunette user *Saffy*

All silly brunette and blonde stereotypes aside, no matter what color you chose to be, it is best to stay within four or five shades of your natural hair color.
If you have dark features, then the dark chocolate locks will likely suit you much better than canary yellow highlights, but some subtle honey highlights can really boost the radiance of dark brown hair shades.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, be careful if you have really light hair, and you want to go dark. Not only will your hair have a hard time gripping the color, but blonde roots are not a good look against really dark strands, as it will give the illusion of bald spots. If you are still considering taking the plunge, color deposit shampoo will become your best friend for keeping your deep new hue looking shiny and lustrous, instead of dull and flat.

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