Beautyfix Summer Sneak Peek: Becca Beach Tint

You’ve no doubt noticed by now that, in spite of my super-fair complexion, I LOVE summertime beauty tips and tricks. I mean, I write about them enough. Getting pool-ready hair, applying warm-weather makeup… it all just brings me a special kind of joy. Which is why I was especially excited to give one of the upcoming NEW products to be released this next Beautyfix season—Becca Beach Tint—a try.

When it’s hot outside, a full face of makeup is impractical. That’s where gems like Beach Tint come into play. This is one of those all-in-one products you can throw in your purse and know you’ll ALWAYS be prepared to spruce up your look a bit. Oh, you just spent a day at the beach or by the pool, and now your friends want to grab dinner or drinks and you don’t have time to “get ready?” Girl, you don’t NEED to get ready—it’s summertime and you’ve more important things to do than primp. These magical little tubes—each in shades that are quite complementary of many a complexion—are all you need to impart a pretty wash of color on your eyes, your cheeks AND your lips. Beyond a Becca Beach Tint, your summertime “essentials” stash need only include only a tinted moisturizer, a waterproof mascara, and perhaps a concealer. (The need for an SPF goes without mentioning, now, doesn’t it?)

If Becca Beach Tint is something you’ve tried, leave a comment and let us know what you think about it.


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