Beautyfix Spotlight: SkinMedica Vitamin C + E Complex

If you didn’t know that antioxidants like vitamins C and E help bolster your sunscreen’s ability to protect your skin from the sun , consider yourself enlightened. And if you didn’t know that you can get both of these crucial ingredients in one convenient product that also happens to be a Beautyfix selection this season, then get excited! Ask just about any dermatologist, esthetician or beauty editor, and they’ll not only tell you that everyone could use a dose of vitamins C and E in their skin care routine—they’ll speak to the high level of quality and efficacy the entire SkinMedica line is known for. Ladies, SkinMedica’s Vitamin C + E Complex is a find if ever there was one!

If you’re unclear on how to use an antioxidant product , it’s really very simple. While antioxidants may be used day and night, it makes the most sense to use this one underneath your sunscreen in the morning. After you cleanse and tone, smooth on a pea-sized amount. Allow a minute or two to absorb before layering anything else! Given the amazing texture of this product, which is silky, yet weightless, you should notice an immediate glow upon application. But what it does for your skin throughout the day (and for that matter, over the long term) is what makes it a can’t-live-without. Vitamin E conditions and nourishes your complexion, while vitamin C fights free radical attack AND works to diminish visible signs of aging, like dark spots, fine lines, and loss of elasticity. Once I tried this product, I was hooked—it’s definitely earned a permanent spot in my daily skin care routine.

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