Beautyfix Spotlight: Philip B.’s Chocolate Milk Body Wash and Body Crème

Chocolate body wash

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OK, time for a weird fact about me:  I really don’t like chocolate. Not one bit, not even during that time of the month. I know, it’s unheard of if you’re female. Naturally, I tend to stay away from anything that has to do with chocolate. So it’s never crossed my mind to pick up a beauty product that smells like it or has chocolate in it. I was a little reluctant to try Philip B.’s Chocolate Milk Body Wash and Body Crème (thank goodness for Beautyfix and the deluxe travel sizes.) Expecting neither product to be anything I’d ever like, I was pleasantly surprised with both.

A lot of body washes dry out my skin, and I often turn to my best friend named Dr. Bronner, which does the exact opposite. So using this in the shower was quite different than what I’m used to. The smell of chocolate milk is sweetly present and will take you back to the good ol’ days when you were on a swing set asking mom for a YooHoo. Philip B.’s body wash gently dissolved dirt and debris and left my skin super soft out of the shower. The best part about this body wash is that it doubles as a bubble bath for an extra tasty treat. After using, my fiancé couldn’t help but notice the delicious scent and for once, loved the smell of my new body wash.

I’m all about body crèmes, so I was anxious to try this one after using the body wash. With ingredients like cocoa butter, safflower seed oil and extracts of chocolate and vanilla it was sure to be a winner. The luxurious and delectable body lotion was milk chocolate-y smooth and creamy with application. My skin was left soft and nourished from the body crème and the lingering sweet smell was one to enjoy. Could it be, could it actually have happened? I think I’ve found a few chocolate beauty products that I like. Best of all, no calories. Beautyfix approved and almost good enough to eat!


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