Beautyfix Spotlight: Jane Iredale Soft Peach Gloss

One of my must have beauty products to carry at all times is for sure a lip moisturizer. I can go without other makeup most of the time and get by, but if I have dry lips with no color, then I’m just not feeling attractive. Lip gloss can really transform a look quickly by providing shine, moisture and giving you that extra confidence boost when you need it most. There are several things I look for in a good gloss before becoming a loyal user. One of my current favorites is Jane Iredale’s soft peach pure gloss. I like this gloss for several reasons, mostly because the end result does everything a good gloss should.

When I first applied this lip gloss I noticed a surprisingly pleasant warm, tingly feeling on my lips. Fresh mint and ginger create a wonderful flavor and smell. It provides a shimmery natural color that transforms your look without being too intense. The soft peach shade is absolutely perfect for every day wear. This lip color can be worn both night and day and it looks good with or without other makeup. I have used this gloss for about one week now and my lips already feel healthier. It’s like an actual lip treatment. They stay moisturized for a longer period of time and I find myself having to use less product which means less applications and less hassle. A good gloss should make you want to smile, not feel self-conscious to smile. Perhaps you are familiar with this situation-you put on the lipstick enter a room smile and notice a stranger or possibly a friend trying to motion that you might have something on your teeth. Having the color rub off on your teeth is not a good feeling or scenario to be in and that is not a worry you will have with Jane Iredale’s gloss.

This gloss glides on easy with a non-sticky texture and the color stays on your lips, not your teeth. I put this long-lasting lip color on in the morning on my way to work, I drink coffee, eat breakfast and drink water and after all is said and done my lips are still soft, supple with a hint of color and minty flavored shine. Although it is a bit pricey from what I normally like to spend on lip gloss, in this case I think it is well worth it. You don’t need to apply nearly as much, it lasts longer, tastes better and has a better texture then some of the less expensive glosses. After trying this soft peach gloss, it would be difficult for me to not be a loyal user and I think it would be tough to find a substitute that compares.


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  1. Val says:

    Sound like a really nice lip gloss and that colour is pretty. Mint is known for being excellent for lips and I’m sure the ginger give a nice warming effect. May have to grab some of this. Thanks Beth!

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