Beautyfix Spotlight: Dermaquest Skin Vitalight

Perfectly even-toned skin can be hard to achieve and those who suffer from Hyperpigmentation(like me) may not always have confidence in their complexions. But fear not, I bring you good news, because in this season’s Beautyfix selection, we have a skin brightener solution that will help prevent further hyperpigmentation while being extremely gentle on your skin. Introducing Dermaquest Skin Vitalight, a skin brightener that’s designed to even skin coloring and fade pigmentation without the use of hydroquinone or AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). If you are not familiar with Dermaquest, they produce high performance products that aren’t tested on animals that help you achieve healthy, youthful and clear skin. Now who doesn’t want that?

Dermaquest Skin Therapy Skin Vitalight brightens the skin with Vitamin C, making it appear more radiant and protecting against free radicals. Kojic Acid inhibits melanin production and Sodium Hyaluronate (An essential dermal hydrator which plumps and smoothes the skin) improves skin hydration levels. This is a great, preventative skincare product for looming pigmentation! This skin lightening formula treats skin discolorations as well as inflammation that lead to pigmentation.

Now I use sunscreen on my face every day, but that isn’t always enough. Being in my 30’s, I already have discoloration from sun damage that needs to be treated and incorporating this skin lightening formula into my skin care regimen will not only fade the spots I currently have, but it will prevent new ones from forming and existing ones from becoming darker. This can also help treat acne related scars/spots. Simply smooth a dab of this onto your skin and allow it to penetrate before applying your next treatment product. It’s that easy and you will ‘see the light’ in the results. Gentle enough for all skin types, if you want to improve the overall radiance of your skin, fade dark spots and achieve more even-toned skin, this is a good selection for you to try!


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