Beautyfix Selection: Philip B. Katira Hair Masque

image: flickr user LatinaPower2009

“Why a masque for my hair?” you ask. Well, a little deep conditioning treatment, used from time to time or even a few times a week, depending on the condition of your hair, can go a long way in making sure all your hair days are good ones. Particularly if you process your hair or use heat styling tools, think of these nourishing, hydrating hair masques as a staple in your beauty routine … just like your favorite facial masque.


Many of you lucky Beautyfix subscribers received Philip B’s Katira Hair Masque in your season 10 kit. This rich, luxurious treatment is fabulous when it comes to giving damaged hair a pick-me-up! I love how incredibly healthy and shiny it leaves my hair. And it works quickly! In a pinch, I comb the hair masque through in the shower and rinse it right out after just a couple of minutes. However, if you’ve got some extra time, why not apply the product to damp hair and wrap it up with some saran wrap, or a shower cap? The heat from your head will help the hair masque really penetrate and work its magic. Think about it—when you’re at the salon and color is processing, chances are your stylist has you sit under a heater to speed the process along. Same principle.

Have you given it the Katira hair masque a try yet? Do you love it?



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  1. christine morris says:

    I love the sounds of the Katira Hair Masque just what i need, in this photo the Ladies hair look really healthy and shiney, must be a great product. :)

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