Beautyfix Review – Hera Argan Oil for Hair and Skin

By Jenna

Having a consistent supply of beauty products within reach is really amazing and I’m sure a fantasy for most girls and I totally can’t complain. Aside from my hoarding of such beauty products, somehow I still have a very simple hair and makeup routine each day. I’m not sure if it’s because of the array of cosmetics that I play or if I’m just dull with my own makeup for the most part, but any opportunity to test drive a multifunctional product is a win. Upon just looking at the Hera Argan Oil for Hair and Skin, I knew it was a keeper. A nourishing hair oil and a moisturizer for your skin!? Major score on so many levels and luckily for all of us, it’s in this season’s Beautyfix selection.

What’s amazing about this hair oil treatment is that it actually works and you can use it on a daily basis. You can use it as a hair treatment at night, a detangler on wet hair after washes, and an instant frizz fighter for dry hair. It’s infused with extracts of olive oil and bergamot oils that help to quickly repair frizz and dryness. So far, my mop of processed, dry blonde hair is soaking it all up. It reminds me of the not so affordable Moroccan hair oil serum and smells just as great. The difference between the two is this one is what every girl needs by her side, another multi-tasker!

The added bonus for this product is that it not only works wonders on your hair but on your skin too. Just a little dab will do ya’ on any dry spots for a fantastic turnaround. You can also apply a light layer over your face in place of a light moisturizer for a morning pick me up.

If you’re like me and like your beauty products to work just as hard as you do, be sure to pick up this oil in your next shipment of Beautyfix. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Austin Bree says:

    Moroccan argon oil is one of the best product which solve all hair and skin problems. I am also a regular user of Moroccan argon oil. With the use of it my hair and skin become beautiful and soft.

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