Beautyfix Product Spotlight: Bioelements Sleepwear

By Jenna

Routine can be a word to describe our sleep regimen at night. You get dressed for bed, brush your teeth, wash your face, hydrate your skin (hopefully) then climb into bed. What many don’t know is that time spent in slumber land is the perfect time to use an anti-aging cream as a wrinkle treatment. While you sleep, your body is hard at work in rejuvenation mode and there’s no better time to infuse your skin with anti-aging products. This season Beautyfix has given you an amazing anti-aging cream to use at night from Bioelements.

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Sleepwear from Bioelements is an overnight rejuvenation treatment designed to infuse your complexion with a complex of topical calcium, time released retinol, protein peptides and cranberry seed oil. This formula supplies antioxidants, boosts collagen and elastin production, improves moisture retention and combats fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also somewhat exfoliating so your skin is working overtime during the night to help you get clear skin.  After cleansing your skin at night, warm a small amount between your fingertips and apply to your face and neck.

We are always on the search of clear skin and the products that will help achieve that. This is as easy as slipping into a silk nightie. My skin is sensitive, and for the most part pretty clear, but I’m very concerned about aging and will do everything to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. After using this product for a couple weeks, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my complexion. Instead of breaking out with a few pimples because of the usual holiday stress, I haven’t at all! Every morning after using Sleepwear, my skin is soft and glowing. My complexion has definitely evened out a bit over the past few weeks as well. Because of sensitivity, I’ve been using it about 2-3 times a week and my skin does get red upon application, and then fades away by the morning. This product has an amount of retinol, so if you’re in the same boat as I am with sensitive or sensitized skin, I would recommend only using a couple times a week. For everyone lucky enough not to have sensitive skin, feel free to use more often at night. In my book, this product is a keeper and I’ll continue to use in the future. Using this for a few weeks will have your skin baby soft.


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