Beautyfix Featured Product: Kronos Discovery Kit

All year long, we will suffer from damaged hair and try to keep it healthy. Because of styling, heat, weather conditions, environmental damage and coloring, our fragile hair strands need hair treatment products. That’s why I’m elated to know that Beautyfix has me covered and offers multiple salon hair products to help me with my damaged hair woes. This season features a few great hair treatments and this one happens to be a 4 in one luxury travel kit. K-Charge Discovery Kit by Kronos is designed to improve the condition of your hair to make it look and feel healthier and reverse your hair from aging.

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Kronos is a line that utilizes T-Sphere technology to get optimal results and performance. Kronos aims to improve the permeation of its active ingredients and helps to target the areas in need helping your scalp and hair be healthier and more beautiful. The Kronos K-Charge Discovery Kit has 4 products in it:

Kronos K-Charge Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner – This moisturizing shampoo and paired conditioner have little bit of a citrus smell to it. They are designed to gently remove excess oils and debris while at the same time adding some volume to it. The conditioner strengthens, repairs and nourishes your hair while providing exceptional moisture. At the same time of cleaning and moisturizing, it’s sulfate free for an added bonus. From using these two, you’ll notice a difference right away when you dry your hair.

Liquid Theory Conditioning Spray – This is a leave in conditioning treatment meant to help moisturize, improve styling and protect from hair color fading. Liquid theory is a fabulous hair treatment to add to your styling regimen. To use, spritz your hair (while wet) from roots to ends and then style away. This conditioning spray tames frizz to give you a sleek look for any occasion.

PHYX – This was available in a larger size from season 1, but it was loved so much why not have it in a travel kit? After all travel season needs little sizes with little cute bags to accompany them. PHYX is an overnight hair treatment masque made to work overnight to repair and replenish your hair. I love all hair masques, but this one is magical and has never had better results. After using this, your dry, unmanageable hair becomes soft, silky and resilient. Don’t let the overnight instruction scare you, once you put this on your head before sleeping, it won’t be rubbing off into an oily mess on your pillow. To use, distribute PHYX throughout your DRY hair before going to sleep. In the morning, shampoo, condition, rinse and style as usual. Gorgeous hair will follow.



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    Great Article on restoring damaged hair using the Kronos hair treatments, thanks for the information regarding these products. cheers :)

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