Beautyfix featured product: Colorescience Lip Candy Glaze & Pur Minerals De-Line lip Smoothing Lip Pencil

By Jenna

This week it’s all about lips. Summer lovin’ is better paired with a perfect pout, so why not make it the best you’ve ever had with added benefits? Lip liners are one of a kind and if you’re like me you have your favorites that go with your favorite lip gloss. Especially, during the hotter or colder months our lips can get burned and chapped. In these cases we would reach for a chapstick to mend our chapped lips, but we’re missing our gorgeous lip color that lip gloss and lip liner provides. Fear no more, in the latest Beautyfix kit Colorescience’s Lip Candy Glaze and Pur Minerals De-Line Lip Smoothing Lip Pencil were both featured to take care of your lip woes.

Colorescience’s Lip Candy Glaze in Butter Toffee is a non sticky, flavored lip gloss. You’ll taste a hint of mint chocolate after applying. Great for all chocolate lovers and it’s naturally flavored. If you haven’t had a chance to try it, it’s a gorgeous color of rose with a gold shimmer to it. The color is exceptional, but my favorite part is how hydrating it is making it ideal for dehydrated or dry lips. It’s not heavy or tacky at all either and the colors and shine lasts for quite a long time. It can be paired with a lipstick for a night look or it can be used alone to get a gorgeous summer glow with a touch of sweet. So far, for the chocolate lovers, this is definitely the best flavored lip gloss.

Source: Flickr User Pamela Machado

Pur Minerals De-Line Lip Smoothing Lip Pencil is one of my favorites (among so many others). I love using lip liner because it gives your lips great definition and helps any lipstick or lip gloss not run outside of your lip lines. With this genius lip liner pencil, you’re getting an instant firming boost for your lips which is something we all need. This lip liner is designed to help firm and define your lips while performing. This means that it has a unique staying power  and prevents feathering.  It has a collagen boosting treatment adding anti-aging effects into your daily lip plumping routine. Crystal Mauve is a natural color so it goes great with many different colors. It’s amazing how smooth this lip liner goes on and stays on so long throughout the day without re-applying. Winner in my book.

As a woman, we all have a ton of lip products. Don’t think so? Look in your purse. Why not add something flavorful in the mix? A flavored lip gloss may just improve your mood as well as your love life. ;) Don’t forget to take good care of your lips and don’t be afraid of lip liner. It can make or break your make up look. No one wants to see that lipstick feathering!


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  1. Val says:

    Thanks for the great article. I adore butter toffee (yum!) and will probably now go buy a pot of the stuff!

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