Beautyfix & Four Truffles Giveaway

Spotlighted as a Beautyfix featured brand, we love Four Truffles’ involvement with the world around them as much as we love their beauty products. They are passionate women helping other women succeed. Learn more about their philanthropic work here.  In their spirit of unity, we’re pleased to host another exciting blog giveaway for our precious Beautyfix members with Four Truffles.

How to enter: Simply comment below and tell us what you are passionate about to enter to win a fabulous Four Truffles Body Care Set. 1 grand prize winner will receive a Four Truffles Body Care Set and 1 runner up will win a Four Truffles Travel Kit.

We all have put our hearts into something in life, what is it for you?

What are you passionate about?

And that’s not all! You will receive a Free gift with your $24 Four Truffles purchase on! Your free gift will automatically appear in your shopping cart at checkout, Offer valid while supplies last.

**2 winners will be chosen at random, 1 grand prize winner and 1 runner up. Post a comment and tell us what you like about Hourglass Cosmetics. Giveaway starts on 6/8/10 and ends 6/22/10 at 11:59pm PST. Winners will be announced during the time of 6/23/10 –7/9/10. If any winners do not reply within 5 business days of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.**



47 Responses to “Beautyfix & Four Truffles Giveaway”

  1. Kammi says:

    OMG, my passion is BEAUTY AND FASHION!!! oh lord, couldn’t stay away from them! LOL. ADDICT on them! lol. Hourglass is awesome!! I keep eyeing on them on Sephora but I never got a chance to buy them. this would be perfect chance to get ‘em. I like Hourglass since my body is like hourglass. Haha. Nah but they are awesome! I would love to try their lumier. They’re so glow!!

  2. Laney says:

    I’m passionate about travel. I get very few opportunities, but I’ve been saving my pennies and can afford a few little trips this summer. I’m going to Columbus OH later this month and even though it’s not a dream destination, I’m excited to see a new place. I’ve never tried Hourglass Cosmetics, but they look beautiful – and since I’m trying to save all my money for travel, it would be great to save some money by winning beauty products instead of buying them!

  3. Melissa Lawrence says:

    I am passionate about animal rescues. I have rescued 3 Boston Terriers, a Golden Retriever, and a Black Lab from gloom and doom. I am also passionate about “Going Green.” I actually do good things for the environment more than I ever thought I would. The more you learn about things that are bad, the more you shoot for the good! That is being beautiful…

  4. Susan says:

    My first passion is my dog of course but my other passion is helping people save money. I really love helping single mothers and father make the most of their buck. Or just helping people who have a tight budget. I get a certain joy hearing about how my help made their money stretch and put more food on the table or more groceries on the shelves. As often as I can I will bring food, TP or even just a can of cat food to someone who I know may need it or could use it. I love knowing it doesn’t just go to waste. That would be what I am passionate about.

  5. onegreatsmile says:

    I am passionate about food. Unfortunately, it’s a love hate relationship. I Love it, and it hates me!! BUt seriously, it’s one of the joys of life, and appeals to ALL the senses. Plus it keeps a huge number of cosmetics companies in business… the more often we eat, the more lipstick we have to reapply!

  6. Valerie C. says:

    I’ve been passionate about the beauty industry/cosmetics since I was a child! I did makeovers on my relatives at around 9 or 10 years old. It’s only grown over time. I love giving beauty advice and doing makeovers :)

  7. marci p says:

    I’m passionate about writing. I love it and it’s a great way to decompress and let out steam <3

  8. Nichole Mckee says:

    I’m totally passionate about life, as in a split second it can be ripped away from you.

  9. Lindsay says:

    I’m passionate about enjoying life and having a good laugh. I even named my blog Laughing Lindsay. Haha!

  10. Eve says:

    Im passionate about my dreams. I like hourglass cosmetics because their mineral veil is the best!

    shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  11. m. Rikki Connelly says:

    I’m passionate about the singer Ferras. He’s absolutely wonderful and such a sweetie! I’m a huge fan of his and so want to see his new album do amazing!!!!!

  12. Birdie S. says:

    Im passionate about cleaning up our school sites so many are old & have lead based paint on their walls , we need more money on our COUNTY for renovations…..its for the children

  13. Rian says:

    Passionate about my two boys. Who would have known that a world full of bugs, cars, trucks and mud could so happily coexist with my world chock full of beauty products!!

  14. Jovanna says:

    There are so many things I’m passionate about because it’s like adult ADHD. #1–children in need. I work for a non-profit and am blessed to help child to get an adult “friend” or Mentor to help them through life. I wish I had one as a kid! It’s great that I get to pick a volunteer for eac child that I meet.

    #2–having hobbies!!! I believe every person who have hobbies to occupy their time and creativity. I quilt, watercolor painting, jewelry making, watch movies, and read. Lately, I’ve been loving my christmas gifts of Glamour magazine subscription. :-)

  15. Karen R. says:

    I’m passionate about beauty and fashion. I love to see the upcoming fashion and beauty trends. I also have a huge makeup collection to prove it.

  16. Cindy says:

    I’m passionate about protecting children from predators.

  17. Susan Esparza says:

    I’m passionate about my family

  18. Mikaela Jillson says:

    Wonderful! I really did not think about this topic before from your point of view. But now I am thinking about your idea. I’ve also discussed with my friends about your post.

  19. Tina says:

    I’m passionate about traveling. I would like to see as many places around the world as possible. I’m passionate about photography, I like taking photos to document my travels and I’m passionate about my siberian husky.

  20. Nichole Mckee says:

    I’m passionate about making sure each and every day is as beautiful as it can possibly be.

  21. Bing says:

    I’m passionate about trying new products and sharing my experience with online and offline friends to help inform their purchases.

  22. Susan says:

    I am passionate about honesty and kindness. It seems amidst the chaos of this world, a kind word or honest gesture truly lifts people’s spirits. There is so much negativity swirling around, we need to be positive! I’m married to a pastor and people really thrive on encouragement. And it doesn’t cost anything!

  23. Becci Brooks says:

    Hi all! I’m passionate about my cats, my late Sheltie, and sharing my latest “finds” with my friends. I’m also passionate about finding good deals and ways to have the best in life for a lot less money! I love Beautyfix because you make it possible for me to experience some of the best beauty products that I’ve ever used and for a fraction of their retail price. Thanks Beautyfix!!!

  24. Deanna G. says:

    I’m passionate about being a good person. I think if everyone were kind to one another the world would be an amazing place! :)

  25. Shanda L. says:

    I am passionate about education. Whether it is education in school, or learning through everyday life. I am constantly telling my kids do your best and try your hardest in any and everything that you do. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that’s life’s learning canvas. At least now I am around to help them learn from them.

  26. Serena says:

    I am passionate about fitness. It’s essential to your well being inside and out. When you feel good, you look good.

  27. Diane Stokes says:

    I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve especially gotten excited about new ways to introduce more fresh vegetables into our meals. Salads have become a specialty and I always include more healthy choices than anything you’ve ever seen at a restaurant salad bar.

  28. Cara Mia Villalobos says:

    I’m passionate about life being lived to the fullest! That means trying everything at least once, loving with all I’ve got–laughing as much as possible–appreciating and supporting the people that brighten my days–trying to find understanding for those that darken my days–and being open to what comes next.

  29. Miranda says:

    I’m passionate about my babies and family!

  30. Katie r says:

    I love health and fitness! There is nothing better than a good workout followed by a nutritious meal! It makes me feel beautiful when I treat my body well.

  31. Linda Bundrick says:

    I am passionate about living a healthy life style , and being a good mom to my children. I believe we each make our own happiness :) !!

  32. I am passionate about LIFE! Living my life to the fullest by being the best mother, wife, sister, daughter and girlfriend that I can be while being true to myself as well. Being REAL, passionate, positive, and making a memory!

  33. michelle r. says:

    My family !!!!!

  34. REVA says:

    As a breast cancer survior ,I’m compassionate about god,life ,friends and family.

  35. linda says:

    I’m passionate about:
    1) My mother
    2) My dog
    3) My walk-in closet
    4) My art

  36. Cyndie Norell says:

    I am passionate about my family. I am passionate about the care of my skin and hair. I am passionate about the things that make a diffence in my life!! :)

  37. Judy says:

    I am passionate about life, living it to the fullest and being the best person I can be while serving god. Life is precious and we should enjoy it and the people we love. In doing all that, I would love to be a person people think of as inwardly beautiful first.

  38. Lora says:

    I’m passionate about living life to the fullest, which includes spending time with family and following my dreams. I am also very passionate about running! I couldn’t stay sane without it :)

  39. Naomi says:

    I’m very passionate about getting great bargains! I am constantly checking prices of items on website to find the best deals on the products I love. I’m passionate about my work and my family! don’t mess with me!

  40. amy smeltzer says:

    I am passionate about discovering new things and sharing them with friends.

  41. Marilyn says:

    I am so passionate about living my life with the people that I love. I almost lost my best friend, my husband, this summer and I am enjoying every moment with him,my children and grandson. Life is for living and loving!

  42. Judy Cawley says:

    I am passionate about my husband of 32 years and my three sons!

  43. Leslie Petersen says:

    Sooo passionate about my children and especially my new grandbaby….she is pure joy! I’m loving every moment with her! :)

  44. I am passionate of all the following (it’s a lot to be passionate of)!!! I will be 36 years old in May. I am a mother of 6 children, 3 are mine… this year they will be 21 (boy), 19 (boy) & 13 (girl) & 3 are my husband’s…this year they will be 19 (boy), 18 (boy) & 10 (girl). Therefore, we have 5 teenagers, 4 boys & 1 a girl. It can be very difficult at times. Especially coming from different cultures. We call ourselves the MEXICAN BRADYBUNCH! Excitingly, as of 11/30/10, my oldest (21) made us Grandparents (baby girl)for the 1st time….Woo-Hoo! I am passionate to better myself (emotionally, mentally, physically & financially) & help my children & my grandbaby as well as others to have a wonderful positive year this 2011. I am very passionate of changing my soul… reaching, calling, seeking & following GOD & helping everyone I know & meet to do the same! And for all those out there reading this, I can truly use a prayer out there for my family & myself. We are all going through some very hard times right now with health issues, marriage & teenage problems as well as financial hard times. More importantly, pray for my last living Grandma to get better (she has bleeding (blood clots) in brain, lungs & legs & I do not live close to any of my family so I haven’t financially been able to see them in over 7 years. I pray my Grandma gets well & we can somehow financially be able to go see my Grandma & family (mom, step-dad, brothers, sister, niece, nephew & uncle) before it’s too late because we never know what is going to happen nor when! I mentioned I don’t have family here (except 1 brother I raised from the age of 16, he is almost 34… with no job & no real enthusiasm (please pray for him too). Now, through this long comment, it’s probably clear to see that I don’t have friends either. And my husband’s family has always hated me (please pray this year changes & they stop being jealous of the outside of me & learn to get know the inside of me…I have a big heart & I’m a great person & I’ve been a good Mom to my kids & my step-kids…I’m not perfect, I’ve made mistakes but not like huge unforgiveable mistakes, just little ones that every parent makes at some point & I’ve made them with all of the kids…it’s not like i treated my step-kids differently or unfairly… (I didn’t, but they assume I have but only to 1 kid out of the 3, which is the reason my marriage is so rocky right now. He is almost 18 & too old to play people’s emotions & play games with people to get his way) I’ve been in this family for 5 years now, I truly need them to finally come around & accept me & my kids as family). BTW: In every argument/fight we’ve been in, it has been because of the same 17 (almost 18 yr old) & I have been proven right EVERY time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my step-son unconditionally just like my own but I do not have to like who he is right now or what he is doing. If only you all knew what all I’m currently going through & have gone through all my life. I just desperately need the help of the LORD & all prayers I can get for my life to start becoming more positive & easier. (instances he did just to let you know why I need help… he has stolen $ & my medication & gift cards from my purse, stolen my expensive jewelry & other things from my room, he peed in empty water bottles (8) & kept them hiding in his room & later we found out he was pooring pee in my laundry so clothes will never smell clean (I’d wash & wash over & over & even called a tech to come out & look at it), he got a tatto of a cross with my name on it to make me feel good & at the time, it really touched my heart (later I found out it was another game to get to my heart & suck up to get his way) later he hurt me with it cuz he made F’s on report card AGAIN (& has been making F’s & D’d every 6-weeks) & I had to treat him fairly & ground him just like I do mine, so he changed the tattoo by shading over my name so u barely see my name & cut the cross by skiiping a space & putting a pointed knife edge at the end with blood dripping (I cried & cried from the hurt & pain, so then he goes out & gets a new bigger tattoo on the other side of his chest of my name again…bigger letters this time…with big red roses, but now is covering it any way he can cuz he got grounded again for 3 F’s & he caused a big fight in the family (which again I was proven right after the fact & have proof of everything too) but due to this fight, my 3 kids & grandbaby got kicked out of my house by my husband cuz he can NEVER handle his own son being corrected & confronted when he is wrong & now I have lost my kids (in a way) & I have never been away from my kids this long EVER in their lives cuz I was a stay-at-home mom & also cuz of the same almost 18 yr old young man…an argument in November 2010 over same stuff with same son (& me proven right again afterwards, as always) led to the biggest fight ever (my husband couldn’t handle his favorite babied son getting yelled at & confronted) so my husband got so upset with me because I wouldn’t just let his son do wrong & not confront him that instead of doing the right thing & backing me up & getting onto his son, he turns on me (as always with this same & only son) that my husband slapped me in my face on 1 side then the other (I was in shock) & as I’m trying to get away, he proceeds to follow me to my daughter’s room (we couldn’t lock the door in time) & he barged in & proceeded to punch me in the face over & over in front of my daughter (13) & in her own bedroom. Yes, I told my daughter to call cops. My husband was arrested & charged with assault to a family member, he admitted his guilt. Yes, I’m still with him (please don’t judge why). We are doing better but still need prayers. His son doesn’t live with us either after that night but that’s no big deal cuz he he’s been wanting to move in with his favorite aunt (whom lets him get away with everything & believes every lie he tells even after the last report card time when he got grounded, he ran away to the same aunt & uncle & he told some lies to them that the aunt came over to our house & confronted us about them & he was once again caught in his own lies & was wrong & i was proven right again) so he just got what he wanted in the end anyway, his way, as always. He moved in with my husband’s brother (around the corner from us, same one he ran away to before just for getting grounded for F’s) & for those F’s he got (the uncle & aunt) did NOT punish him for them…he’s still going out with friends, still has a cell phone, i-phone, computer, everything he should not have with those grades, his bad behavior & all his lies he’s been caught in; which btw he has made F’s every report card this year & all the while, my daughter is in all advanced classes & (always has been) an honor-roll student(except she made her 1st & last bad grade, D, during all this stuff going on)..yes, she got grounded but understood & accepted her punishment though truly through no fault of her own. My other son, (almost 19) is a senior & has made all A’s (1st & 2nd- 6 weeks) then A’s & B’s (on 3rd-6 weeks) then recently (4th-6 weeks…last report card (during all this) made 1-F & 2-D’s. He accepted his grounding as well & always has too without causing an argument (mine live with their dad now but they still got punished, in fact, my husband is a lot more strict than we ever were, so they don’t have it easier living with him. They actually have it a lot harder. In the mean time, the bad son, is so happy & getting what he wants while my kids & I suffer. My kids aren’t perfect either, they have caused some problems too but never made anything get that far as the bad son plus the difference is mine own up to it & accept their punishment. I raised my kids pretty well (but have made mistakes which I regret & wish I could change it or do it all over gain) You know everyone, I can go on forever with so many things with so many people in my life but I have realized once again that I need to go back to my psychiatrist, go to marriage counseling & hopefully get the family to go to family counseling. And if anyone took the time out to read all of this, I am so greatful because it makes me feel like I’m getting it off my chest & someone’s listening. PLEASE PRAY FOR ALL OF US! My husband is coming around & finally seeing the truth & so far has stuck up for me against 1 sister, now we have the rest to follow (which is a lot because he has a big family). I AM PASSIONATE TO GETTING THE TRUTH OUT ONCE & FOR ALL & GET MY HUSBAND’S FAMILY TO OPEN THEIR EYES & SEE THAT I HAVEN’T DONE WRONG NOR MISTREATED THEIR NEPHEW (he is also the only one, OUT OF THE 3 KIDS MY HUSBAND HAS, that the whole family cares, talks, asks or is concerned about…go figure!) This son posted on facebook…after only 2 days of living with my aunt she has been a better mom, the best “mom” he has ever had & she has done more for me in 2 days than the woman I used to call mom, in 6 years! Need I say, about 5 days before that I recieved a Valentine Card from him telling me I am the best & only Mom he has ever had & thanking me for being there through thick & thin & so on… (I even have several letters from him saying the same stuff about me being the best Mom he could ask for & he has even asked me to adobt him before) This shows that he follows where he can get the most attention, fool the most people, manipulate all he can & get his way… then, if you make him mad, you become the worst person ever in his life & he becomes conniving & deceitful & very hurtful with no remorse. He sent me texts telling me to die & go to hell where I deserved to be with my grandfather who raped me all my life. (How can someone say such a thing?) He also said in the text that my living was just a waste of a life. How can someone be so cold-hearted & live in such lies & denial & live several different lives? He is one way in front of me, different in front of his father, different again in front of family & different again in front of friends & siblings! This really hurts because we were very close at one time but when I became a MOM & not just a FRIEND to him, and had to be a parent, he started doing everything he could to hurt me & come between me & his father because he knew his father would always have his back & be beside him instead of me, his wife, where he should’ve been. But this last fight & the big one before that (that landed my husband in jail), started making my husband realize that he did not want to lose me & that I have been proven right & that he has been doing me so wrong the last 5 years over his son’s games. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY MARRIAGE! I want it to work out, I want my husband to continue to change for the better. He is so good to me & we are so great together when we aren’t fighting over his son & his family. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY KIDS! They have seen things I never wanted them to see & have been put through things I never wanted either. I come from a family & life of abuse…sexual, physical, emotional, mental & verbal abuse. I never wanted any of my kids to ever have to see any of that nor go through any of that. I can’t go back in time but I can PRAY & BE PASSIONATE about changing things for the better for myself & my kids. I still have goals & dreams I’m reaching for & I won’t give up! To ALL who took the time to read all of this, I PRAY FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS & WISH YOU ALL THE BEST THE WORLD & GOD HAS TO OFFER!
    With love & sincerety, Shelley

  45. Peggy Salvador says:

    I am passionately involved with the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), in particular with the preservation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I have been writing letters and petitions to protect wildlife since the late 70′s and will continue to work tirelessly until every person on this planet is aware of the need to keep our wild places safe from the greed of Corporations wanting to strip them of their natural resources that will ultimately destroy our planet as we know it.

  46. Leslie Petersen says:

    Right now my passion is my new grandbaby. She is such a joy to me. I can’t get enough of her….but my full-time job gets in the way of our together time! Hurry up weekend so I can see my girl! :)

  47. jane fenichel says:

    I am passionate about this mountain, Mount Tamalpais, where I now live…in fact I moved back to the bay area with my husband and two boys in order to be near it…it is a very unique and majestic landmark, between ocean and bay; made up of several types of rock from different areas and is several million years old. You can walk endlessly on this mountain, for there are at least a thousand trails, from woodland (containing the famous Muir Woods, with redwood trees hundreds of years old) to dry, rocky scrub land, to gorgeous wildflower fields, etc. and from all sides the most spectacular views of ocean, bay, the whole marin county, san francisco, and east bay. For some reason my heart really is passionate about this mountain! The restorative quality of being there is great.

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