Beautyfix and Dermacyte Blog Giveaway

One of our absolute favorites this season is Dermacyte’s Oxygen Concentrate. What’s so great about Dermacyte? It’s an oxygen-fueled skin care line that delivers concentrated doses of lost oxygen back into your skin which is essential for collagen support and the overall health of your skin. Backed by 15 years of research, Dermacyte’s team of scientists discovered their patented Oxycyte Technology, which is a unique and amazingly effective carrier for oxygen thus developing a way to deliver oxygen into the skin to help repair dry and damaged tissue.

All Dermacyte products are enriched with oxygen and exclusive Oxycyte Technology, making it easier for better ingredients to penetrate your skin to help restore radiance and youth. This amazing line let’s you restore  your youth by leaving your complexion brighter, refreshed and more beautiful. We loved how powdery soft our skin felt after application of these two wonderful serums and that it stimulates our skin cells and works multiple ways to reverse signs of aging, diminish blemishes and hydrates our skin.

Didn’t get a chance to try it in your last selections? Not to fear! We are giving away  Dermacyte’s Oxygen Concentrate and Oxygenating Eye Complex a $179 value, to 25 winners! Did we mention they are full size too? All you have to do is tell us, what you want Dermacyte to do for your skin. Good luck!

What do you want Dermacyte to do for your skin?

**25 winners will be chosen at random. Post a comment and tell what you want Dermacyte to do for your skin. Giveaway starts on 1/18/11 and ends 2/1/11 at 11:59pm PST. The winner will be announced during the time of 2/2/11 -3/1/10. If any winners do not reply within 5 business days of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.**

Our 25 winners are…

  1. Cindy champion

  2. Judy Cawley

  3. Carol B

  4. Mel

  5. Joyce

  6. Charlene Murphy

  7. Lorraine d

  8. Mary T

  9. Brenda Davis

  10. Pam M.

  11. thepricklypinecone

  12. Katherine

  13. Penny M

  14. Melissa B

  15. Laura Carranza

  16. LLong

  17. Carol P

  18. Courtney L.

  19. Elisa Leibowitz

  20. Chris

  21. Jami Reedy

  22. Lara

  23. Ruth R.

  24. Amber

  25. Tiffanyr



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  1. Mark R says:

    What I would like Dermacyte to do is work ALL it’s miracles on my skin! After all, who doesn’t want luminess even toned radiant skin from a product that also has anti-aging benefits for fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizing components for hydrated and smooth complexion, a unique delivery system to provide Oxygen directly to skin cells for unlimited additional benefits and if it helps heal and prevent blemishes, I’d call this a ‘miracle’ in a jar!

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