Beautyfix and Dermacyte Blog Giveaway

One of our absolute favorites this season is Dermacyte’s Oxygen Concentrate. What’s so great about Dermacyte? It’s an oxygen-fueled skin care line that delivers concentrated doses of lost oxygen back into your skin which is essential for collagen support and the overall health of your skin. Backed by 15 years of research, Dermacyte’s team of scientists discovered their patented Oxycyte Technology, which is a unique and amazingly effective carrier for oxygen thus developing a way to deliver oxygen into the skin to help repair dry and damaged tissue.

All Dermacyte products are enriched with oxygen and exclusive Oxycyte Technology, making it easier for better ingredients to penetrate your skin to help restore radiance and youth. This amazing line let’s you restore  your youth by leaving your complexion brighter, refreshed and more beautiful. We loved how powdery soft our skin felt after application of these two wonderful serums and that it stimulates our skin cells and works multiple ways to reverse signs of aging, diminish blemishes and hydrates our skin.

Didn’t get a chance to try it in your last selections? Not to fear! We are giving away  Dermacyte’s Oxygen Concentrate and Oxygenating Eye Complex a $179 value, to 25 winners! Did we mention they are full size too? All you have to do is tell us, what you want Dermacyte to do for your skin. Good luck!

What do you want Dermacyte to do for your skin?

**25 winners will be chosen at random. Post a comment and tell what you want Dermacyte to do for your skin. Giveaway starts on 1/18/11 and ends 2/1/11 at 11:59pm PST. The winner will be announced during the time of 2/2/11 -3/1/10. If any winners do not reply within 5 business days of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.**

Our 25 winners are…

  1. Cindy champion

  2. Judy Cawley

  3. Carol B

  4. Mel

  5. Joyce

  6. Charlene Murphy

  7. Lorraine d

  8. Mary T

  9. Brenda Davis

  10. Pam M.

  11. thepricklypinecone

  12. Katherine

  13. Penny M

  14. Melissa B

  15. Laura Carranza

  16. LLong

  17. Carol P

  18. Courtney L.

  19. Elisa Leibowitz

  20. Chris

  21. Jami Reedy

  22. Lara

  23. Ruth R.

  24. Amber

  25. Tiffanyr



101 Responses to “Beautyfix and Dermacyte Blog Giveaway”

  1. Pat F. says:

    I would like more even tone to my skin and moisture.
    I have heard the products are great and would love to try them!!

  2. Valerie G. says:

    Because I turned the big 4-0 (40) this year, I have been working on finding great anti-aging products for some time now! Unfortunately, at age 40, I am also still breaking out with adult acne and because I know the benefits of oxygen both in anti-aging and in warding off bacteria, I would love to try these products!

  3. Penny M says:

    I want Dermacyte to relieve my dry skin and begin to fade fine weinkles.

  4. S.F. Norris says:

    I have spent a small fortune on skin products, just looking to find the perfect product that promotes healthier skin, a brighter complexion, while hopefully reducing wrinkles and restores moisture without feeking heavy and oily. I would Love to try your products. This could be the answer to dull lifeless skin for me!!

  5. rebecca g. says:

    banish even the thought of wrinkles!

  6. Michelle M says:

    I would love for Dermacyte to revieve my dry skin and fade age spots!

  7. melissa B says:

    I want Dermacyte to help my tired 42 yr old eyes and and complexion.. While Ive been doing well for this many years so far.. These past 2 years have been a real doozy and Im getting tired of hearing I look tired.. :/ !!! So maybe This will be the ans to my prayers..Bc I havent found it so far in the other products I try and Im waisting my money!!! BOOO .. I LIke to find something Great and Stick with it forever!! :) )

  8. Marci P says:

    I’m 48 and just starting to get wrinkles but I also have oily skin in other areas.
    Half of the stuff I’ve tried is basically oil which causes me to break out.. so I have wrinkles and breakout! AUGH!!!!! lol
    I’d love to try this. <3

  9. Joe says:

    Yes, I”m a guy and yes I worry about my skin. I have very dry skin and while it was great when I was a teen (didn’t get zits), it stinks now.
    I’d love to try this

  10. Jovanna C says:

    I would love for Dermacyte to fix my pores on my nose and help my under eye wrinkles. Anything to help my routine from being too labor intensive. :-)

  11. Laura Carranza says:

    I want Dermacyte to revive my skin and brighten my complexion!

  12. julie rosier says:

    I just want to look my age….I look WAAAY older at 43. I want my skin to be soft and supple which it most definitely isn’t right now. And ward off any more lines around my eyes and mouth

  13. Patricia says:

    I would like to shrink my pores, remove blackhead, dark circles and wrinkles on my forehead.

  14. Christina Ferreira says:

    I would love it to help keep wrinkles at bay! Also I see it helps relieve blemishes which would be awesome!

  15. LLong says:

    I would love it to help me with the dry areas on my face and give a fresh look.

  16. Hope M says:

    I want Dermacyte to make my skin more healthy and supple.

  17. Ted Kooper says:

    i want something to remove agespots around my face and acne scars

  18. Stacey says:

    I would love to use the product to get rid of the fine lines that are starting to form and to keep new ones from forming…all while not causing me to breakout!

  19. Carol P says:

    I would love to have it fix my texture and take away the roughness and past acne scars

  20. Galina says:

    I would like to have more even skin tone and to fade sun spots.

  21. Lisa Valtierra says:

    I would like Dermacyte to even out my skin tone and give me that little lift that keeps people thinking I am 10 years younger than I am.

  22. Mary Kay says:

    I’m 55 with fairly good skin and hoping to avoid procedures as long as possible. I’m looking for Dermacyt to help with those little eye wrinkles and maybe even the lip puckers that are starting to show. I want to continue to hear “Really, you look younger.”, as long as possible.

  23. Courtney L. says:

    My 33-year old face needs a boost! Please help stop aging before it starts and moisturize to boot!

  24. LISA K. says:

    Toning, firming, and lightening dark spots and acne scars. Moisturizing is very important, too.

  25. Erika says:

    I would like something that balances out my sensative skintone and makes my skin smooth and moisturized!

  26. tiffanyr says:

    I’m 39 and ready to find an anti-aging routine to help with my combination skin. I have a few issues, dry& oily skin, even out skin tone, firming, scars, breakouts, dark under eyes, and I see some lines forming!! I need to go from drab to fab!

  27. Elisa Leibowitz says:

    I would like something that evens out skintone, moisturizes, and gives my skin a boost.

  28. kk says:

    I would like Dermacyte to help me look younger (or at least retain my appearance). Thanks!

  29. Gail D says:

    Had great skin until 40 then got adult acne which I have
    been fighting now for 19 years. Between that and fighting the aging
    process, I am at wits end. Dermatologists just have not
    been much help so would love to have Dermacyte do what they can’t seem to do. DERMACYTE to the rescue PLEASE.

  30. Cherylann says:

    I am 51 and still have occasional breakouts. Would love to try a superb anti aging regime.

  31. chris says:

    will be 58 this year. have tried many products- nothing seems to work. have dry skin, fine lines & wrinkles and circles under eyes.
    am getting desperate & tired of wasting money on products that do not work on mature skin. would love to win & find the answer to my skin problems.

  32. Pam says:

    I’d be THRILLED if Dermacyte could soften forehead lines (I know only surgery can remove them completely!) fade melasma /sun spots & fine lines around eyes, while brightening my complexion – without causing break-outs, and clogged pores! :) This last year, my skin seems to have aged drastically… :( (sniffle, sigh…)

    Quite a challenge – are you ready to take it? ;-)
    Thank you Dermacyte (even if I don’t win a set, I’m happy for the ones who do.)

  33. Kelly Moore says:

    I’m starting to see my weathered mother’s face looking back at me in the mirror instead of my luminous aunt’s.
    I have an extremely painful disability and not only is it beginning to cause lines to develop from the expressions of suffering, but my skin is rough and sallow from the treatments I undergo.
    I’d love to use these products to refine the texture of my skin, diminish the lines I’ve gotten from the pain and to indulge my skin and well being in such a difficult time.

  34. Terri M. says:

    I would like Dermacyte to banish my age spots, remove my redness, and fill my deep wrinkles surrounding my mouth.Thank you for the opportunity to win this prize.

  35. Jami Reedy says:

    I would love to have the some of my youthful radiance back and I am scared to death of getting wrinkles..I have crows feet and I know it possible could be downhill from here…help. :)

  36. Amber says:

    I would love to have a product that can nourish my skin, decrease fine lines, and heal the remnants of blemishes.

  37. SHI HUI LIU says:

    I want Dermacyte to provide special treatment on combination skin

  38. Rian says:

    I would love something that makes my skin glow. It’s looking dull lately in this loooong winter and I’m trying all sorts of things, but it’s still not happy.

  39. Lara says:

    I want it to make my fine lines disappear!

  40. Caroline says:

    I would like Dermacyte to help relieve my acne and redness.

  41. Aaron says:

    I would really love to try a product that can help me with my dry skin and uneven skin tone. Dermacyte Please HELP!

  42. Mary Jane M says:

    I would love for Dermacyte to fade age spots and revitalize my skin!

  43. Ruth R. says:

    I would love to win this to see if it would help with my wrinkles and dark spots.

  44. Randi R says:

    I would love some hydration! Especially in the eye area!

  45. Caroline M says:

    I want Dermacyte to releive my rosacea and dry skin

  46. Lana says:

    I would like more hydration and something that would make my skin glow. And lots of lots of wrinkle protection.

  47. Laura S says:

    I want Dermacyte to pamper my skin by locking in moisture and giving me a fresh look.

  48. HedgeHogi says:

    I would like it to hopefully reduce fine lines and keep my face moisturized without feeling heavy and oily. Maybe help reduce dark circles under my eyes! at gmail dot com

  49. Amanda Marie says:

    I would love for it to diminish blemishes, make my complexion brighter and youthful looking as it should be and help early signs of aging.

    Thank you!

  50. TonyaE says:

    I have gone through loads of creams and serums and spent hundreds of dollars on finding a product that actually works. I would love to reduce my hyperpigmentation, boost collagen, and shrink my pore size. Also reduce fine lines if that is not asking too much. :)

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