Beautyfix 17 – Not Your Average Product Saviors

By Jenna

Just in time for the Holidays the newest season of Beautyfix has arrived! While you’re toiling away shopping to spoil others, you get to open up the best box of all, and it’s all for you.  So take a deep breath and a break from this seasonal madness and enjoy 14 new products to choose from. Let’s start with my favorites first – because I know you’re all dying to know.

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I LOVE that it is boot season and a lot of us take this time to neglect our feet instead of keeping up with our bi-weekly pedi’s. To help keep my feet from crusting I’ve enlisted the help from another Beautyfix superstar. That’s why I’m so obsessed with the Spongelle Pedi-Buffer in my kit. It cleanses, detoxifies, buffs and softens skin so you can sleep well at night knowing that your crackled feet won’t be ripping your new stockings. The convenient little buffer features a soft side for cleansing and a rough side for exfoliating. The black-mandarin bamboo scent is refreshing instead of potent –  you don’t want to smell up that elevator! I’ve been using it on my feet every morning in the shower and it’s kept them in tip-top shape.

Moving to the top of my head, I’ve also fallen in love with the Intelligent Beauty Labs Rescue Rapid Repair Hair Mask. It has literally salvaged my hair’s health since going back to being a blonde. I’ve been using this once a week and leave it on my hair for about 3-5 minutes. For a product that only takes a fraction of the time to set in, I can tell the difference right after using it. It helps protect my hair from all of the heat styling while keeping it soft and silky. After using this hair mask, I’ve switched product lines entirely to the Rescue line. Washing my hair was a burden but the smell of this line is unbelievable and it makes the tiresome process much more enjoyable.

These products I’ve mentioned are just 2 out of the 14 new products available as your selections for this season. I hope you’re enjoying this season as much as I am, it’s really made a difference during the stressful holidays.

What did you pick in your new Beautyfix?


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