Beauty trends in cosmetic surgery: Interview with Dr. Chip Cole

Even with the state of the economy, we can’t forget about our dear friend: cosmetic surgery. Since the recession times have been tough, and although we’ve seen some changing trends in plastic surgery offices, the doctors certainly aren’t bored. We had a chance to chat with Dr. Chip Cole about the beauty trends in cosmetic surgery procedures that have been the most requested in his office.

Dr. Cole

Has the economy had an effect on the types of procedures your patients are requesting?

“I would say that certainly there has been a shift to more bridge procedures where people are doing more of the injectables and fillers, while waiting to see if the economy is going to improve. People are not as inclined to take time off for a major cosmetic procedure as they were 2 years ago. I’m seeing a lot more eye lifts and eye tucks alone and maybe fillers around the mouth, where they used to do their eyes surgically and also have a face lift. I’m definitely seeing more of a trend in the lower face for fillers, but in the eye area I’m seeing an increase in procedures because people want to have something done, and the impact will be greater in the eye area than anywhere else on the face. That’s the #1 area that people notice – when you look at someone you always see their eyes first.”

What’s the typical down time for eye procedures?

“I would say a week at the most. A lot of people do it mid-week, say on a Wednesday, and go back to work on a Monday. It’s a pretty quick procedure. I use a laser for all of the procedures (vs. using a scalpel), and the advantage is that when you make the incision, the laser seals the tissue so you don’t get the bleeding and bruising you get when you use a scalpel. People are able to get to work a lot quicker.”

What is the age range of people receiving eye lifts and eye tucks?

“I would say that the earliest I see is people in their 30’s, although some models in their mid to late 20’s come in when they start to see changes, but this is unusual.  I would say it usually starts in their 30’s. I would say typically the upper end is in the 70’s, but it’s not that unusual to have someone that’s in their 80’s or 90’s getting it done.”

How do you incorporate your certification in ophthalmology into your cosmetic surgery practice?

“I’m board certified in ophthalmology as well as facial cosmetic surgery and laser surgery. It’s integrated into our practice for instance if someone has a tear gland that’s out of position during surgery, I’ll go ahead and repair it while I’m there because I understand also the functional aspects of all the anatomy from having the background in ophthalmology. Another example is if someone has a lid that is drooping more than the other lid, general plastic surgeons are not going to be able to repair that muscle or fix that lid while they’re doing the cosmetic surgery. Also it’s microsurgical training and I always say a millimeter is the difference between success or failure around the eye, where an inch is the difference between success and failure on the face. So it’s a very precise procedure.”

About Dr. Cole

Dr. Cole is an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon and has performed over 15 thousand surgeries. A quadruple board certified surgeon, his surgical expertise and artistry continues to be nationally recognized. In 1994, Dr. Cole founded Atlanta Oculoplastic & Cosmetic Surgery, which is now known as OCULUS Facial Plastic Surgeons. OCULUS is a leading practice specializing in reconstruction and rejuvenation procedures in Atlanta, GA.  Dr. Cole has received many honors including being named one of the country’s Top 10 cosmetic eye surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar magazine.


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