Beauty Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle Based on Skin Tone and Eye Color

By Jenna

Choosing the perfect hairstyle can sometimes be a huge decision or just difficult all together.  There are many different things to think about; eye color, skin tone, what you want and what you see yourself.   Situation: Your best friend just got her hair done a beautiful chestnut brown and it looks amazing with her hazel eyes. On impulse, you want to do is run to the store, buy that same color to have the same fabulous look and then it processes and happens to drown you out and looks horrible.  Big mistake and now you have no idea what to do and you have to go on damage control. Your hair color can be seen as a fashion statement, add to your personality and help define your cosmetic identity so you don’t want to ruin what you’ve taken so long to grow out.  So before you run out to experiment with hair products and color on your own consider a few things, and luckily I’ve done some research to help you on your hair color matching mission.  Here are some beauty tips to getting the perfect hair match.


First thing to do that will help is to find your skin tone.  To do this you need to look at your skin and identify the underlying skin tones.  This can sometimes need a second opinion so enlisting your friends or hair dresser would be a good choice in helping out.  The quickest way to find out your skin tone is to look at the veins in your arms in natural light.  If it’s green then you are probably warm toned, if it’s blue then it’s probably cool.

Good hair colors for warm tones:  Try rich base colors like dark golden brown, chestnut or auburn and highlight with red cinnamon or copper. Warm colors like golden to dark browns, to rich warm auburns as well as red and golden highlights can compliment you as well.

Good hair colors for cool tones:  Intense shades of brown, blonde or red as a base color and/or highlight with wheat, honey, taupe, or ashy shades that provide contrast. Shades of ash browns, cool blondes such as platinum, blue-blacks and unnatural colors like mahogany, burgundy and fire engine red are perfect choices for cool tones.

Now that you’ve figured out your skin tone and have an idea of the colors you want to steer towards, you can consider your eye color.  So now look in the mirror and take a look at your eyes (A really good one.)  Notice what other colors are in the coloring, I happen to have little yellow specks in the darker green.  Most of the time choosing complementary colors is the best solution to getting a good match with your eyes.  If you’ve decided that you’re cool toned,  have light blue, gray-blue, deep blue, deep green, brown or black eyes, your best hair color options are plum and burgundy highlights, ash and platinum blonde, brown, dark brown, black, slate, salt and pepper, pure white or also something like a blue-black. If you’re warm toned, have blue, blue-green hazel, green, topaz, amber or coffee bean colored eyes, the best choice may be to go with a color that’s golden with red highlights, golden brown, honey brown, chestnut, or copper.

Eye color

Source: Flickr user carloscastroweb

If you need some help you can always refer to the good old color wheel to help you figure it out.  You can also use the color wheel to coordinate your eyes to eye shadow colors and other beauty products.  There’s a giant world of makeup and color so now do some exploring and have some fun with it! What hair color are you rocking?


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