Beauty tips: Getting the perfect lashes for the perfect eye makeup

By Jenna

One of the things that I feel naked without is definitely not wearing any eye makeup. Most importantly, my eyelashes need mascara or some enhancement to that matter and leaving the house without it is a no-no.  After all, having long, beautiful eyelashes is a sign of femininity in most cultures and can make or break your makeup look.  Let’s face it ladies, clumpy mascara is a big beauty DON’T, and having fabulous lashes makes your eyes look a hundred times more amazing than just the norm.  Eyelashes are meant to guard our precious eyes from debris, but of course, we have every reason to beautify them.  In the last decade we’ve seen so many new cosmetics that offer eyelash enhancements and I can’t help but to be excited about many new breakthroughs.  Since there’s more than a few ways to go on getting those lashes longer, fuller and gorgeous, here’s some beauty tips on choosing the right methods to pop your lashes.

Starting out with the newest trend, Latisse (which the fabulous Dr. Cole loves) was introduced earlier this year by Allergen as the first FDA approved prescription treatment for inadequate lashes.  Latisse sets out to growing them longer fuller and darker with full results in 12 to 16 weeks.  Sounds like some sort of amazing right? There are possible side effects that you might want to be warned about. The most common side effect is itching and/or redness that may subside after using the product for a while. Less common side effects include: dryness, eye irritation, redness of the eyelids and darkening of the eyelids, (which have been reported to be reversible after stopping use of Latisse.) These side effects have a very low rate of occurrence, but the results and testimonials show a great outcome.  Since its prescription only, make sure you talk to your doctor to see if this is right for you and the good news is that it’s easy to apply. Here’s a little clip of Dr. Cole sharing his thoughts on Latisse.

We’ve all seen or heard about neuLash and Revitalash or maybe even tried either one.  I know some of my friends rant and rave about it so there’s definitely something to the formula and they have shown the results. These are eyelash conditioners applied once a day on your lash line.  Results can be seen within weeks with longer, fuller eyelashes.  Just be careful not to get it in your eyes, and it’s got a price tag of $150 per tube. I do have to say, I just purchased Jan Marini’s Marini Lash and am so excited to try it, I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

Source: Flickr user Zedzap

Source: Flickr user Zedzap

The next alternative is one I’d have to say that I love.  Eyelash extensions have emerged everywhere and your local Esthetician can take your dull, short lashes and turn them into long, curled, dark, beautiful lashes.  Eyelash extensions are just like hair extensions, synthetic fibers make up the extension, and are placed directly onto your lash with an adhesive bond to extend and create fullness.  This process usually takes about 2 hours for the first application and since your lashes are forever falling out and growing back in, come back from 2-3 weeks for a re-fill and the lash never touches the skin.  This can be a little pricey ranging from $150-$500 for the first application and $40-$100 for fills, so if you’re not willing to keep them up like your manicure, they probably aren’t right for you.  There are more than a few advantages to this method and they look natural and beautiful.  You can swim, run, work out, sleep with them, next to no side effects, and the best part NO MORE MASCARA. You can wake up in the morning and never have to put eye makeup on, the job is done.  Just make sure you go to someone trained and good at the process at your local salon.

They’ve been around forever and one of my personal favorites is the strip lash.  They come in just about every color, length and even some have accessories on them.  For a night out on the town, they’re cheap, easy to apply and (the more natural ones) can make your eyes effortlessly pop for an amazing look.  False eyelashes have been around since the early 20th century, and become evidently popular (think Twiggy) in the 1960’s.  These precious commodities can be found at your local drug store for less than $10 or you can get fancy and get mink ones like J.Lo.  Simple and effective, you can never go wrong with do-it-yourself and it adds a little extra boost of confidence to your look.

There you have it ladies, love yourself and love your lashes, fake or real. Here’s another great blog post about Latisse alternativesWhat have you tried when it comes to primping your lashes?




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