Beautifying the Sole

Caution- If you have weird foot issues and don’t want to envision my heinous feet, this blog is not for you.

So here is my gross confession- I have pretty bad feet. Not that they don’t have potential, it’s just that I seriously neglect them. I’m an avid runner and multiple marathons have left me with some pretty gnarly calluses and the occasional loss of toenails. I have pretty much given up on pedicures because 1. I am extremely embarrassed of my dry cracked skin and callus ridden feet. And 2. I figure there really is not a point… as long as I continue to run; I am stuck with unfortunate feet. So imagine my excitement when I received Theraplex FT Exfoliating Emollient in my Beautyfix kit this season. This product is renowned for effectively moisturizing even the driest of feet and softening calluses.

Immediately, I applied the thick exfoliating and moisturizing cream and covered with socks, as the directions suggest. The next morning, my dry feet were exponentially softer! This difference between Theraplex FT Exfoliating Emollient and other moisturizers and callus treatments is that Theraplex actually uses a hydrosilicone delivery system to penetrate deep into skin’s cracks and crevices. This allows the fraction petrolatum, a non-greasy petrolatum to quickly soften, repair and provide long lasting hydration to the skin.

I have continually applied the cream once or twice a day for the past week and it has made a serious impact. It is the first product that has worked to soften calluses without the use of a pumice stone or foot files- which is great news! The not so great news? It sadly does not help my bruised toenails.


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