About: Jenna

Name: Jenna Kulp

Occupation: Esthetician, Beauty Addict

Age: Old enough to enjoy a Cosmo

Hometown: Fullerton, California

Other than beauty, what’s your passion? The art of relaxing, Water sports & Mushroom Pizza

When did you start wearing makeup?
From the earliest I can remember, I was always getting into my mother’s makeup bag and painting on every lipstick and every eye shadow color that was available on my face. Then I’d parade around the house in her 80’s high heels and jewelry ordering around the cat as soon as I could walk. There are pictures, lots of pictures and it’s embarrassing but I found my passion early.

If you could only have 3 beauty products, what would they be?

Mascara, Bronzer, Chapstick/lip gloss

Mascara opens up your eyes as soon as you put it on and I can’t leave the house without it! I love to have a golden glow on me almost every day, and a bronzer works like a charm even in the winter months. You can fake a little glow instead of melting away your skin with using one. My favorite bronzer is Two Faced – Snow Bunny. Along with the mascara and the bronzer, I always have to keep either a Chapstick or a nude colored lip gloss in my bag. It’s like my security blanket and keeps my look natural ready to pucker up all day.

Got any beauty or makeup tips to share?

The best way to think of makeup is less is more. Just knowing your face shape and what you features you can accent, (like your almond eyes or your beautiful cheek bones) can keep your makeup looking fabulous but natural. No one likes to see a cake face, and using the correct makeup for your skin type, and accentuating just a feature or two on your face does wonders.

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