About: Liz

Name: Elizabeth Franz

Occupation: Beauty Editor

Age: Born in the 80s … barely.

Hometown: Chino, California. A small town with few people and many cows.

Other than beauty, what’s your passion? Music (I’ve been to more shows than pretty much anyone I know) and literature. Oh, and wine. I like learning about what actually goes into making it.

When did you start wearing makeup? I first wore makeup for my dance recitals, and that started around the age of four. Stage makeup, even for toddlers, is not subtle. But I adored the garish red lips and cheeks and bright blue eyeshadow! I was really bummed it wasn’t permissible for me to take a real-life foray into the world of color cosmetics until junior high. But that didn’t stop me from getting into my Mom’s stash and putting on mascara in elementary school.

If you could only have 3 beauty products, what would they be? A really great moisturizer with sunscreen, mascara, and a vibrant lip stain

Got any beauty or makeup tips to share? Know what works for you, and don’t overdo things. When people give you compliments, accept them graciously—and learn from them!

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