Acne Awareness Month: Are you taking the right steps?

June is Acne Awareness Month and as Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States it is important to give this matter some attention.  If left untreated, acne can create further complications such as scarring, hyperpigmentation and can lead to low self-esteem and often times, depression.

Here are some ways to help treat this condition if you find it to be an issue.

Educate Yourself: Try to figure out your acne triggers and determine if it is stress/diet/etc. Once you can determine the cause of your acne, the quicker you can find the best treatments.

Diet: Make sure you are eating a healthy diet as this can have a big effect on the appearance and condition of your skin. “You are what you eat” and your skin will prove it. If you need some guidance on what foods to cut out, check out this acne diet for better skin. Also, make sure you wash your hands after eating to avoid touching your face with greasy or oily fingers.

Acknowledge Your Skin Type: Make sure you are using the right kinds of products for your type of skin. You may need to switch to oil-free or non-comedegenic makeup and moisturizers that won’t clog pores.  If your skin is super oily, try using blotting papers throughout the day to absorb the oil, remove impurities and balance skin tone.

Hygiene: Create a beauty routine and stick to it. Wash your face both morning and night and apply the appropriate products for both. Most likely you should be using different products at night than you do for your morning routine, and of course NO MAKEUP should be used at night time. Clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis. Along with brushes, you need to consider all of the other things that touch your face and make sure you are keeping a clean environment. Wash your pillow cases/sheets weekly and clean your phone regularly with anti-bacterial wipes.

Do you have any tips/tricks on how you treat acne symptoms? Share them with us!


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