A Tribute to the Huger Games (haha, get it?)

official Hunger Games promo pic

I’ve always snickered at those people on the news—the ones camped outside the movie theater anxiously waiting for the clock to strike midnight, dressed in all their Harry Potter and Twilight glory. I always thought I was too cool for school… well, actually not too cool for school, I rather liked school, but certainly too cool to sit in the dark outside a movie theater dressed up like a wizard and fighting for a spot in line with hundreds of tweens. But now? Now I retract every judgment I ever passed on those Twi-hards and Potter fanatics. Why you ask? Because I am a 27 year old woman anxiously counting down the days until March 23rd. That’s right, I will be waiting outside my local AMC on March 22nd, waiting for the March 23rd midnight showing of The Hunger Games. And my friend Liz is joining me (and she is above the age of 14!). We might even dress like Effie Trinket! Just kidding… kind of.

Maybe you aren’t as obsessed the goings on in District 12 as I am. So you haven’t chosen between Team Peeta and Team Gale, you can still take place in The Hunger Game pandemonium by sporting some looks straight from the Capital of Panem. Capital Couture is going to be all the rage! Although the reoccurring theme in Capital Couture is color, lots and lots of color, you don’t have to sport green and purple spray tans (Liz’s genius idea) or dye your hair bright teal to get in the spirit. There are some simple ways to incorporate bright shades into your look such using a shocking eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick. If you are trying to achieve Effie Trinket’s makeup look (like me) go for bold pinks. I love 3 Custom Colors Light Bright lipstick in Palladium Sheer and for eyeshadow and blush, check out Stila’s Dream in Full Color Palette, it has 29 eye shadows and seven cheek stains. Don’t forget to add some over the top false eyelashes and crazy nail colors to complete you Capital Couture look.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


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