A Non-Political Post About The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Between Lindsey’s missed flight and George’s Keibler-less arm, the blogosphere’s STILL buzzing about the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which, as you’re no doubt aware, took place on Saturday. Around these parts, we abstain from political banter. So let’s get down to business and discuss the most exciting part of the evening: what the attendees looked like on the red carpet.

Elizabeth Banks

I’m a sucker for the perfect red dress, and the one Elizabeth Banks chose is exactly that. The color is amazing and the cut is pure elegance. Winner!

Lindsay Lohan

That red hair? SUCH an improvement over that horrid Barbie blonde. But the dress? Ick! Looks like something sewn by a pageant mom from a pattern … and not with exceptional skill or attention to detail. This thing belongs on an unfortunate bridesmaid holding fire-and-ice roses at a winter wedding. It doesn’t have a place at an A-list event. (Yeah, neither did some of the guests. What are you gonna do?)

Dakota Fanning

Doesn’t that pale grey-blue against the golden blonde locks remind you of Cinderella? One of my favorite looks of the evening for sure. This dress is gorgeous and so is Dakota.

Charlize Theron

Without a doubt, she’s one of the most stunning women of our generation. But this isn’t my favorite Charlize. Is it just me, or does she look washed out? I love the lace getup but wish she had more color on her face. A bright lip would have been nice and on-trend. Oh well.

Viola Davis

Another gorgeous red dress! I love this entire look. It’s subtly sexy, yet polished at the same time.


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